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“Dr. Katzen helped change my life. After my lower body lift, I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I love shopping and have the packed closet to prove it. My self-esteem has greatly increased, and I enjoy going out and not having to worry about my size. I can wear clothes without having to constantly tug and pull to make sure everything is covered and looks ok. I have become more accepting of myself.”

~ April P.

“When I first decided to have plastic surgery, I interviewed 40 surgeons. Dr. Katzen stood out beyond everyone else. He was professional, artistic, kind and supportive. I knew I was in the right hands.

My surgery recovery had challenges but at no time did I feel alone. I knew I had the right person fighting my battle with me.

Dr. Katzen is an amazing person and surgeon. I was blessed to find him.”

~ Nancy B.

“In July 2010 I had gastric bypass. It took me 15 months to lose 130 lbs. The way my body looked after the weight loss didn’t make me very happy. I had a lot of loose skin and decided that after all I had already gone through, I wanted a body I was happy with. I found Dr. Katzen in January of 2012. He was the sixth surgeon I had met with and I knew instantly he was the one. I made my appointment for my first surgery the next month. I’m from Colorado and so I decided to have the 360 bodylift and the medial thigh lift at the same time to minimize the number of trips I would have to make to California. I am now 14 weeks out from my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who isn’t happy with their excess skin and how they look. Dr. Katzen, thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You are the best!”

~ Kelli P.

“Wow, what a great experience! My choice in choosing Dr Katzen was a wonderful one! In one word "Trust"! For in trusting myself to make the life changing choice to do my surgery, it gave me the courage to trust in the best surgeon I have ever had. Dr. Katzen and team has physically transformed my body into the woman I have always wanted to be! Taking this step in my life has further encouraged me to be the best I have ever been! Thank You Dr. Katzen and team you have helped me rock my world into the greatest me I have ever been!!!”

~ Lyndsay L.

“I first became aware of Dr. Katzen right after I had my RNY gastric bypass surgery through ObesityHelp.com. Once I hit my goal weight I realized that I had a serious issue regarding excess skin. I decided to attend one of his seminars. I was nervous and was extremely apprehensive at first. But once I met him I knew that he was going to do my procedure. Dr. Katzen is one of the most unselfish, caring, patient and skilled doctor's that I have ever met. His devotion to our community is unprecedented. I cannot recommend him enough. I personally do not have the vocabulary to express my utter thanks to this man.”

~ Chris D.

“Once upon a time I was extremely over weight. Due to exhaustion, extreme tiredness, sleep apnea and many more dilemmas I decided to make a change with my life. That decision prompted me to pursue meeting Dr. Owens whom made it possible for me to lose weight. My new life started May 4, 2004. Soon after my surgery I proceeded to lose my weight gradually and almost instantly noticed the change not only to my body but also my mind. I felt a lot happier, with a huge desire to live for my family and finally for myself. I forgot to mention I weighed 268 pounds and I am presently 152 pounds. Long story short a new chapter in my life was meeting Dr. Katzen, who immediately made me feel fantastic. His kindness, gentleness and confidence bought me to the decision of going ahead with my breast, tummy and arm surgery. Since losing my weight my stomach sagged, breasts looked horrible and my arms hung. I felt too young to look this horrible under my clothing. Well my surgery was preformed on February 10, 2006. WOW!!! What an experience. With all of my pain and suffering I almost felt like superwoman. I was back at work within 7 days. I could not believe it. I healed pretty rapidly and I look pretty decent under my clothing. NO MORE SHAME!!! Thanks to Dr. Katzen. I can truly tell the world that I love Dr. Katzen for changing my life.

Thank you so much Dr. Katzen. You are defiantly my hero.”

~ Nancy C.

“Life-changing doesn't even begin to describe the influence Dr. Katzen has had on my life. After 3 years of diet and exercise I managed to lose around 150 lbs. I would buy dresses and shorts to wear once I hit my weight goal after all my hard work. But then again, I never imagined that I would be plagued by loose skin that would keep me in my pants and long sleeved shirts. After seeing other patients mention his name on a blog site with good reviews, and then seeing “The Real Skinny”, I knew he was the physician that was able to give me what I wanted. Living out of state was no challenge. After the very first phone conference I already had a trust established with this physician and for once a glimpse of hope. Staff was very helpful in setting up phone conferences, appointments, pre-op instructions, places to stay, after care etc. Although I was initially nervous about having my first surgery, the efficiency of the staff and Dr. K’s approach put my mind at ease, I wasn’t even nervous about the second. I had a medial thigh lift, upper and lower body lift, breast lift and augmentation, and redo bilateral brachioplasty split into 2 surgeries. The recovery is hard, and Dr. Katzen truthfully informs you of this. However, with his support, the staff support, and many pain pills, I did have a positive experience. My life has changed drastically since my surgeries. I finally have the confidence in my body that matches my personality and attitude. I am so thankful for what Dr. Katzen has done for me. My only regret is not doing this sooner.”

~ Karla W.

“I corresponded with about a dozen surgeons, met with five in person, continued into full consultations with three, and this was all just to make me feel better about what I knew from the second I met him... Dr. Katzen was my surgeon. He understood what was important to me, he's extraordinarily skilled, he never once treated me like an object, he never condescended to me. His staff was friendly and responsive, his facilities clean and professional. If you're even thinking about this type of surgery, you need to at least meet him in person.”

~ Jeff M.

“I had my gastric bypass with duodenal switch nine years ago and lost a total of 120 pounds. As a result of the rapid weight loss I had a lot of extra skin. While I could dress to hide the extra lumps and bumps, it was difficult to find clothes that were small enough to fit attractively yet large enough to accommodate the extra skin around my abdomen (not to mention the arms and thighs).

I was sitting at home and saw the commercial for The Real Skinny and was mesmerized. I made a mental note to be home and watch the episode that told Sarah’s story. I have to say I watched the whole episode with tears in my eyes. I think for the first time I felt I wasn’t alone. When Sarah used her hair dryer to dry her tummy I lost it. I thought I was the only one that did that! By the end of the show I was bawling. When the repeat came on I had my husband sit down and watch the show with me. I decided that I wanted to meet Dr. Katzen and have a consultation to see what he could do for me.

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Dr. Katzen was just as kind and gentle as he appeared to be on the program. He immediately made me feel at ease and really seemed to understand what I was feeling and thinking. For me the most difficult part was undressing and letting Dr. Katzen do the exam. At this point I was newly married and my own husband hadn’t seen me entirely naked! Dr. Katzen really "held my hand" through the whole exam and gave me a glimpse of what he could do to help me.

My surgery date was August 20, 2012, and while it was one of the scariest things I've ever done, Dr. Katzen and his staff were amazing. Dr. Katzen wasn’t just a face behind a mask. He was there before the surgery and talked with both me and my husband. When I was taken to the back for the pre-surgery pictures, again the most difficult part for me, Dr. Katzen was a very calming presence, very reassuring. When the nurse came in to place my IV (truly the scariest part for me) she was wonderful, was aware that I was scared, and took great care to make sure I was in no pain or discomfort during the placement of the IV. All the while, Dr. Katzen was sitting at the foot of my bed doing his paperwork.

All the subsequent doctor's visits have been just as pleasant. I had a couple of rough patches in my recovery, during which one time my husband and I had to go down to Dr. Katzen's office well after office hours and Dr. Katzen met us downstairs personally, wheelchair in hand, and wheeled me upstairs to make certain I was okay. He's been positive and thoughtful and definitely cares about his patients and the kind of changes he is helping to make in their lives.

My next step will to be to have brachioplasty and a breast lift and augmentation and after that the thigh lift ~ there is no one I would trust to do this than Dr. Katzen!”

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~ Lissa G.

“Dr. Katzen removed 21 lbs. of skin from me during my tummy tuck/skin removal/thigh lift. Although I am still wearing the garment, I am so happy with my new, little body. I cannot wait to buy new clothes!

Dr. Katzen has been wonderful. Not only is he an amazing surgeon, but he is a wonderful human being, too. I must admit that I was not prepared for what the recovery would entail, but Dr. Katzen was very patient explaining everything to my mother and sister who took care of me.

Jacki is also very kind and sweet. Phone calls and emails were always answered promptly. She always makes me feel like a friend, not just another client.”

~Sara S.

“From the moment I met Dr. Katzen I felt at ease. This is saying a lot coming from someone who was so nervous about the consult because I knew I had to show him my disfigured body. I NEVER let anyone see how much excess skin I had NEVER. Not even my husband!!! In fact, my husband went with me to the consult but I didn't allow him to come in the room cause I didn't want the man I had been married to for 11 years to see me naked. Crazy, huh? Dr. Katzen was so sweet, kind, and understanding. He truly made me feel at ease and made the horrible process of taking pictures for insurance bearable. That's right....Dr. Katzen worked with my insurance. Not once did he say this was a cosmetic procedure but a reconstruction.

My insurance did give approval and 6 weeks ago I had an inverted t tummy tuck and surprise hernia repair. There have been some complications and bumps along the way but here is where I think Dr. Katzen's true nature shines. I have walked in his office crying, emotional, elated. My emotions have been all over the place and with every new emotion or concern I bring he handles me in the most patient way of anyone I have ever met. This is where I give Dr. Katzen his wings.

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His halo however comes from how amazing my tummy looks. OMG!!!!!! I am 5'2 and Dr. Katzen removed 11 pounds from my very short torso. After losing over 110 pounds I NEVER felt SKINNY or PRETTY. I now feel so much better about myself. I get up in the morning look in the mirror and thank God and Dr. Katzen for such a life changing reconstructive event in my life. I now look on the outside how I felt on the inside. I don't have to physically carry that skin anymore which was holding me back.

Just a few days ago I was walking with my two boys and the sun was to our backs and our shadows were in front of us.....I yelled everybody freeze. Look at my shadow it is so skinny and it has an hour glass shape. WoW check it out you guys I look so skinny. My 10 year old says, "Gosh, mom you don't look skinny you are skinny." I just teared up cause this is my new life, and I owe it all to Dr. Katzen. He got my insurance to approve my tummy tuck, he did an amazing job, but more importantly when I walk in his office I feel like I am his only patient. He never rushes me, or dismisses my feelings, or makes me feel like I am abnormal. To sum up this review....DR. Katzen is the bestest, he ROCKS!!!!!”

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~ Sharon M.

"I travelled from Georgia to California to have Dr. Katzen perform a blepharoplasty because I trust him! I refer all of the bariatric patients I work with to consider having Dr. Katzen do their body reconstructing because he is an expert in this specialty. His compassionate and gentle demeanor makes all patients feel comfortable with him. Dr. Katzen's expertise and reputation help make all of his patients feel safe and confident.”

~ Connie S.

“He made it possible for me to move on with my life. A chance to have endured obstacles. I can't express the amount of gratitude I have.” ~ Adi H.

~ Adi H.

“Dr. Katzen visited our bariatric support group and a made presentation. I felt Dr. Katzen’s presentation was the best of others we had heard. Also, a patient in my support group had used Dr. Katzen and highly recommended him. My meetings with him before my surgery were helpful and informative. He put me easily at ease the day of surgery he made me feel clam and like I was in goods hands, which I felt I was. I came through surgery very well with no complications. Dr. Katzen explained things well to my husband which helped him help me. I very like Dr. Katzen.” ~Ann A.

~ Ann A.

“Four years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and lost a total of 160lbs. Although I was extremely happy about the weight loss, I was very disappointed with the amount of extra skin on my body. I had difficulty finding clothes that fit properly and was actually more embarrassed to get into a bathing suit at 170 lbs than I was at 330 lbs, because of all the excess skin.

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I started researching various options and doctors and was referred to Dr. Katzen's web site. I attended one of his seminars and knew immediately that he was the doctor that I had been looking for. I had seen many of his patient's before and after pictures that were very impressive, and met individuals that traveled across the country to attend this particular seminar. Which was all impressive in itself. However, it was our one-on-one consultation following the seminar that really made an impact on me. He explained everything clearly, listened carefully to my questions, and just seemed to understand exactly where I was coming from and what my struggles had been.

Over the past two months, I have had a circumferential body lift, medial thigh lift and a breast lift/augmentation. His whole staff has been incredible. I was able to reach the staff when needed, and even received a call back from Dr. Katzen on the weekend when a question arose regarding one of my meds. Everyone has been patient, understanding, and Dr. Katzen continued to be available and comforting throughout this entire process.

Thanks so much!” ~Annette A.

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~ Annette A.

“I had gastric bypass surgery four years ago and had and a tummy tuck two years ago. I was unhappy with the results (from another surgeon) and Dr. Katzen was able to revise the area to my satisfaction. He also did my arms (which were covered by my insurance) and the results were wonderful. He treats his patients with compassion and understanding is very kind in all his interactions with not only his patients but his staff as well. My surgery was very long and the recovery has been difficult and his kindness has made it much easier to deal with.” ~Barbara G.

~ Barbara G.

“My experience with Dr. Katzen's office was great. I had surgery about a month ago and I had the greatest experience. The office staff was always helpful and Dr. Katzen was very pleasant and has wonderful bedside manner.

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After surgery I felt like I had a million and one questions, but every question I had was always answered and never felt like I was a bother. They made me feel completely comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Katzen to all of my friends. Although I am not 100% fully recovered I know Dr. Katzen and his staff will be there to guide me through the recovery process. Thank you all.” ~Barbara G.

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~ Barbara G.

“I would like to first give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Katzen and his wonderful staff. I know if you read all the testimonials from his patients, you will know what makes Dr. Katzen so extraordinary.

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Until you are his patient, you will definitely understand how magnificent he is. There are so many amazing things to say and write about Dr. Katzen, but I will have to make it brief.

Let me begin by saying that Dr. Katzen has made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the first day of my consultation to the day of my surgery and throughout my follow up visits. He is one of the rare breeds of plastic surgeons that truly care about your well being. He has an incredible bedside manner and is very attentive to your needs. Dr. Katzen is a brilliant doctor and surgeon. He is a gift to his patients.

I am very pleased with my results. I know if I want anything else done, I am definitely coming back, no doubt about it! I recommend my family, friends, and anyone to Dr. Katzen. I’m truly glad that I have been blessed that he is my surgeon. My results speak for itself. THANK YOU.” ~Belinda B.

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~ Belinda B.

“I had bilateral ear reduction surgery on September 29, 2009 performed by Dr. Timothy Katzen. It was one of the best choices in my life knowing I am in good hands with Dr. Katzen. During and after surgery he calms me and felt more relaxed. I went home that day without any pain as well as the week ahead. Within three days the bandage came off and so happy with the result. I now could tie my hair back and not have to worry about my ears sticking out. Dr. Katzen and his staff are just wonderful to work with I highly recommend them.” ~Bernie A.

~ Bernie A.

“I had gastric bypass surgery in May of 2005; I considered it a 50th birthday present to myself. And now in 2008 with the help of Dr. Katzen, 50 really is the new 30 for me!! He has turned back the clock and I feel and look better than I did in my twenties!!

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Dr. Katzen is not only highly skilled and an expert in his specialty of plastic surgery but what convinced me that he was the right surgeon for me is his extensive knowledge of the issues unique to post gastric bypass patients and his deep devotion to each and every one of his patients. He has provided me with caring and personal treatment, including hand holding as necessary.

So far I have had a circumferential body lift and a thigh lift. My final surgery for my arm and breast lift is scheduled for the end of May. I am excited to complete my journey and transformation with the help of Dr. Katzen.

My experience has also included interacting with Dr. Katzen's professional and caring staff. Raquel, Diana and Jane have been wonderful to work with. They have always been pleasant, professional and knowledgeable regarding any issues or questions I have had.” ~Betty S.

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~ Betty S.

“Dr. Katzen is a great doctor. He is here for you day or night. If need be, he will open his office for you on a weekend. He is the kind of doctor that stands behind his work.” ~BC

~ BC

“I live out of state. My sister who also had weight loss surgery went to a local plastic surgeon. She did not have good results. I decided to go online to find a surgeon that specialized in this type of surgery and found Dr. Katzen. I feel he has the best experience and does the best job.” ~Bonnie R.

~ Bonnie R.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Katzen and his staff for all their help and guidance through my surgery. I had Gastric Bypass surgery October 2005. I lost 140lbs. When it was time for me to consider Reconstructive Surgery I began my search for a surgeon. I was referred to Dr. Katzen by a friend. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Katzen's kindness and compassion.

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Dr. Katzen made me feel comfortable and supportive which made me feel at ease regarding the procedures I was interested in having done. His knowledge and experience with Gastric Bypass patients was a major influence in my decision to go ahead with my surgery. Dr. Katzen takes the time to fully explain the procedures and answered any questions I had. Dr. Katzen is a kind, compassionate, gracious and intelligent human being who truly cares about every one of his patients. Dr. Katzen's staff is just GREAT! Through the procedures, financing and paperwork, I found his staff to be kind, considerate, respectful and professional. I was grateful for their phone calls after my surgery to make sure that I was taking my medications and vitamins as prescribed. They made themselves available to answer any questions that I had at any time. Dr. Katzen has a very good support system in the front office. Thank You! I would recommend Dr. Katzen to any Gastric Bypass patient seeking reconstructive surgery. Thanks for everything Dr. Katzen and Thanks to his staff.” ~Brenda W.

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~ Brenda W.

“Dr. Katzen was excellent during my surgery and hospitalization. He is very thorough and informative” ~Bruce A.

~ Bruce A.

“I had a chemical peel and facial laser resurfacing, my results are amazing. I followed my post operative instruction, the recovery was quick and easy. I highly recommended Dr. Katzen.” ~Carmen C.

~ Carmen C.

I first met Dr. Katzen about three years ago while working at the hospital. I have always been a very modest person and was very nervous about my appointment. I was amazed at how Dr. Katzen made me feel so comfortable. I truly never expected to be treated as well as he treated me, as he does all his patients. He does not make you feel rushed or hurried as some Dr.’s do. He listens and takes everything you have to say under great consideration. He listens to your fears and addresses them. Not to mention he has the best bedside manner and never makes you feel abnormal.

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Dr. Katzen has performed several procedures on me; Breast lift with augmentation and implants, Brachioplasty (upper arm lift), medial thigh lift, removal of Spider veins, and removal of a cyst (neuroma) on my left wrist. These procedures were done during two separate surgeries. Dr. Katzen would not risk doing all procedures at one time. His first and main concern is safety for his patients and sticks by that. Before going under anesthesia, my request to Dr. Katzen was to make my thighs extremely tight. Be careful what you wish for, I have now been known to have the tightest thighs in Southern California!

His aftercare was amazing. He is there for you all the time. You can call him directly with questions and he will see you if needed whenever possible. His staff was always there for me too. His expertise in pain management also helped in my recovery. ~Carol N.

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~ Carol N.

“Dr. Katzen is an amazing, talented, experienced and compassionate surgeon; I trust him implicitly and would highly recommend him to friends and/or family. :-)

In my early 20s I weighed nearly 100 pounds more than I do now, and through revising my coping mechanisms, improving that which I chose to eat, and incorporating exercise into my life my weight has been stable for quite some time.

Though I work out at the gym an average of four times a week (an hour and a half of weight training; an hour of cardio), mountain bike regularly and dance regularly (salsa, swing, etc...), it (finally!) dawned on me that no matter how much I work out I would always have extra skin on my stomach, flanks and thighs; it would never go away no matter what I did. I found this to be incredibly discouraging.

Thus my research began....

....I spent a lot of time educating myself with regards to Circumferential Lower Body Lifts (I began researching several years ago, though it wasn't until almost a year ago that I was ready to do it emotionally, physically and financially). I interviewed with several surgeons both in and out of the area, and when I met Dr. Katzen I knew he was the man for me. :-)

He truly has it all: He's incredibly kind, patient and compassionate, and he has a LOT of experience in this specific field; he's an expert at what he does. He's meticulous about his surgeries; he pays attention to detail and it makes all the difference in the world.

It's a major surgery -- I knew this going into it -- and I encourage anyone who chooses to do this to give themselves plenty of time to recover. I also strongly encourage anyone who chooses to do this to follow Dr. Katzen's instructions and directions explicitly. It's not an inexpensive surgery, and to get this far with it and then not follow the path he knows so well would only serve to potentially jeopardize and minimize the results you so dearly desire.

A LBL is a big decision to make, but if you're seriously considering it I highly recommend Dr. Katzen. From the very beginning he will answer any and all of your questions (I still have a lot of questions each time I see him!), and take his time in doing so. Additionally you'll find that the time and patience he has with you before the surgery does not lesson once the surgery is done; he's just as kind and attentive afterwards with each follow-up visit. When you combine this with his vast knowledge, experience and surgical expertise you have a rare and winning combination.

I'm now about four months post-op (my surgery was 09/22/09) and I couldn't be happier. Though the final results aren't even in yet, I feel transformed. I have a flat tummy -- I can now bend over and not have handfuls of skin dangling -- and a beautiful firm behind. All the work I've done and do at the gym can now be seen; all of that camouflage flesh is gone!

The truth is, it still seems surreal to me; the reality of it all hasn't quite sunk in yet. But what is real to me is that I'm extremely pleased with my decision to have the surgery, and to have chosen Dr. Katzen as the surgeon to perform it.

I wish you, the reader of this review, all the best with whatever decision you make. And if reading this helps at all, I will consider my mission to have been accomplished. :-)” ~Catherine S.

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~ Catherine S.

“You are heaven sent. When I decided to have plastic surgery it wasn't about vanity. It was about all the hard work I achieved in losing over 125lbs. Even though I had gastric by pass surgery. I still diet and exercised to achieve my goal.

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But one tragic day while finishing my shower, the image I saw in my bathroom mirror was of a body that went south for the winter. In my quest to become thin I developed a lot of loose skin that didn't bounce back. My arms looked like Dumbo ears. My stomach and waist area was no joke either. My inter-thighs jiggled a Jell-O and sagged to my knees. My boobs looked like the women in the National Geographic show or magazine take your pick. I had to do something.

Dr Katzen was recommended to me. Dr Katzen specializes in post-op gastric by pass patients. When I walked into Dr. Katzen’s office his staff took great pride in maintaining the highest quality of care before, during and after my surgery procedures. Dr Katzen, upon meeting him made me feel relaxed and confident the minute he walked into the exam room. He listens attentively to my wish list and made some valid suggestions on what I should have done and what the out come should be. Dr Katzen and his staff made my surgery and recovery a very pleasant one. Thank you so much Dr. Katzen.” ~ Cherie M.

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~ Cherie M.

“Dr. Katzen is awesome. I had my RNY in 2003 and lost 145 pounds. The loss left me with excess skin on my stomach, rear and thighs. I had a tummy tuck, eyelid lift and medial thigh lift in July 2006.

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My stomach is flatter than it has ever been in my whole life. His incisions are so good that I no longer can see where his incision line is on my stomach. I am so happy, that I am going back for my rear lift after January. I do not trust anyone else to do it! Last, but not least, he doesn't try to talk you into procedures you don't want. He starts by asking what bothers you the most, and his bedside manner is impeccable. My husband so enjoyed talking to Dr. K that he made sure to go on all of my follow up appointments with me! Love you Dr. K!” ~Christine M.

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~ Christine M.

“I had surgery with Dr. Katzen in September of 2008. I had a breast augmentation with silicone implants. I am very happy with my breast. They look very natural which is exactly what I wanted. I met with Dr. Katzen and told him my concerns about going too big and he assured me that they would be what I wanted. I would recommend Dr. Katzen to everyone. He was an excellent choice.” ~Cindy C.

~ Cindy C.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Katzen to all my friends, family and neighbors!!! He's absolutely wonderful. Dr. Katzen is very caring, supportive and understanding of the needs of his weight loss surgery patients. He's encouraging, confident, sincere, full of integrity, personable and never lets you leave the office with an unanswered question or concern. Dr. Katzen is the kind of the doctor you only pray for/dream about and you actually receive live and in person. Someone who really cares about you and makes you feel good about yourself.

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As an obese person most of my life, most doctors made me feel small and insignificant. Not so with Dr. Katzen. From Day One, he treated me with dignity, love, respect and empathy. Having lost 230 pounds, I had a fatty apron of fat hanging down to mid-thigh. Thanks to Dr. Katzen and his miracle body lift, I had 30 pounds of fat and skin removed and suddenly I had a real body. I still need more work but when the time comes to having more surgery, the only doctor I will consider is Dr. Katzen. You could offer me a free Extreme Makeover with Dr. 90210, but I wouldn't give it a moment thought when compared to Dr. Katzen. That's how highly impressed and satisfied I am with him

So go ahead and check out other surgeons...I did. Trust me--you'll come back to Dr. Katzen in a hot minute :-)” ~Cynthia B.

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~ Cynthia B.

“Preparing for my first major surgery, I was a little nervous about getting a tummy tuck, to say the least. It always bothered me that, after giving birth 4 times to my terrific sons, I had excess loose flesh left over in my abdominal area. I have always been an exercise fiend and yet 200 daily crunches and frequent Boot Camp sessions could not rid me of that extra skin. I decided to take care of it in the only way my ob-gyn told me would work.

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A tummy tuck! A dear friend of mine had told me that she had had a tummy tuck done by an incredible doctor named Dr. Katzen. I made a decision to meet with him for a consultation, though I was not completely convinced about having a tummy tuck. I also had a hernia that needed repairing so I met with him to discuss that first and foremost.

I am not the kind of person to ‘beat around the bush’ about any issue and I sincerely appreciated Dr. Katzen’s honesty and details. He was very straight-forward about what was involved in having a hernia repair. I asked about the tummy tuck and he was very open about what will happen on the morning of the surgery, what I can expect to experience immediately after as well as a few days after. I agreed to having both procedures done simultaneously.

On the morning of the surgery, he greeted me in the hospital and immediately asked how I was doing and if I had any questions. I recall that I was nervous and asked for a delicate butterfly needle for the anesthetic. He and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Robert Marshall, both put me at ease as to what pain I might experience. At every step of the process, Dr. Katzen was considerate of my fears and even got me laughing. His bedside manner is just one of his special qualities. After the surgery, he told me, again, what to expect since he knew I expected myself to be up and exercising in no time. He said I would feel uncomfortable walking as I did before just initially since I probably would not be standing upright for a few days. He was right. I was afraid that I would never stand up straight again. He smiled and said that I had nothing to worry about. He said it would be uncomfortable for a while as my body adjusts and heals itself, but that I will be standing upright, going to work and back in the gym as usual. Again, he was right. I put all my trust in him.

I must have called his office and spoke to him 5 or 6 times during that first week and a half just to hear his reassuring words that what I was feeling was normal. He recommended a special diet high in protein which I adhered to and found that it really maximized the results. At the 3-week post-surgery check-up I discovered that I was allowed to go back to the gym! I have since been to see him twice for follow-up check-ups and he is deeply pleased with how I am healing. I know what he sees is truly good work since all of my family and friends have commented on my ‘rock-hard abs’. I am so pleased with the results and equally delighted that I chose Dr. Katzen to handle this surgery. I cannot imagine having any other professional do it. Thank you, Dr. Katzen!” ~Daphne O.

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~ Daphne O.

“Dr. Katzen is an amazing doctor. He is very caring and compassionate. He makes you feel like you are his only patient even though his lobby is always full of people. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” ~David N.

~ David N.

“Everyone has been very personable, caring and professional” ~ Debbie H.

~ Debbie H.

“Dr. Katzen was extremely kind and supportive. I am delighted with the thigh lift and tummy tuck I had. In addition, he discovered and repaired two hernias. I was very pleased to have a surgeon who could perform both hernia and reconstructive surgeries so that I didn't have to have two separate operations.” ~Debbie P.ulie S.

~ Debbie P.ulie S.

“Upon recommendation in addition to extensive research, I made the decision to have my tummy tuck performed by Dr. Katzen. I always want the best in whatever I do so there was no doubt as to who I would entrust to perform the procedure. After reading Dr. Katzen’s web page I was very impressed with the wealth of information, in addition to his years of experience. Upon meeting Dr. Katzen I felt as if I had known him for quite sometime. He is very polite and his bedside manner is impeccable. He took the time to explain the procedure and how he would perform it on me.

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On the day of my surgery the atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. Dr. Katzen arrived and before I knew it the procedure was over. I was very pleased with the outcome and could not have been happier.

The end results are absolutely awesome. It all happened exactly the way Dr. Katzen said it would. My recovery was amazing in that I experienced very little discomfort. I was also very impressed when the office staff called to see how I was feeling, in addition to offering any needed assistance. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen for anyone who is contemplating cosmetic surgery. Why bother with the rest if you want the best. Thank you Dr. Katzen.” ~Deborah J.

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~ Deborah J.

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Katzen, I would not have been able to have my surgery done. Dr. Katzen was the only one willing to help me. Over the course of several surgeries, Dr. Katzen has not only been the most wonderful caring doctor, but has become a close friend. Dr. Katzen you are simply the best!” ~Desiree W.

~ Desiree W.

“I cannot recommend Dr. Katzen highly enough. He truly listens to you, he is just as excited about the results as you are and will work to help you be the very best you can.

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His office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and will work with your insurance company to get as much done for you as they can. I have done both my abdominoplasty and medial thigh lift and will be doing the backside and outer thighs soon. I remember how excited he was when he did the first surgery and each time as they put me under the last thing I remember is him holding my hand. You cannot find a more caring, knowledgeable and talented surgeon.” ~ Diana G.

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~ Diana G.

“I’m satisfied with my over experience with Dr. Katzen and his staff. His bedside manner is beyond excellent, my results are great and lastly I would refer my friends and family to Dr. Katzen in a heartbeat.” ~Donna B. 

~ Donna B.

“My journey started in 2002 when I had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 150 pounds. I was very excited with my new body with one exception, the loose skin. I would look in the mirror and pull in my lower stomach and visualize what I would look like with the loose skin gone. Finally, in 2009 I had the courage to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Katzen which would change my life.

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Dr. Katzen immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. I am a history teacher and I am happy to say the loose skin is now history! I have come back to Dr. Katzen for other procedures since then and I have been very satisfied with the results. Thank you Dr. Katzen.” ~Elaine L.

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~ Elaine L.

“I can say “thank you” a million times, but in my opinion that does not even begin to convey the impact you’ve had in my life and the “tummy tuck” you performed on me. The transformation is amazing!! The change in my everyday life is surreal. I can’t believe the new life I am living today. My mood has changed, I am genuinely HAPPY rather than the to be known as the fat jolly girl.  

Click here to read more

The whole procedure was no where close to what I had imagined and I am glad you gave the confidence and reassurance I needed to have the courage to undergo the “BEST” thing I have ever done for myself. I am almost 40 years old and did not look this great when I was 20. Thank you for giving me back 20 years of my life. When I see my friends that I have known since high school, I’ve been told, “You look so pretty now. What did you do to yourself?”

The slight discomfort if any is not even comparable to my severe menstrual cramps. I’ll be darned if I let that gut grow back. This whole transformation has reprogrammed my attitude towards food, exercise and the importance of my general well-being. Some of someone else’s life simple things are now simple for me too like getting a pedicure. Now, I can just wave my feet in the air rather than struggle turning from side to side because my abdomen was too large and very uncomfortable, not having to hide behind my kids to take a picture in the hope that my gut would go unnoticed. I have a full view of my body and love every minute of my new life. Thank you Dr. Katzen for giving me a “jump start” to a better looking and healthier “me”. You are a wonderful and kind human being and a great and highly ethical surgeon. I had the best of both worlds and may God bless you always so you may continue your mission and those who are treated by you to have the same experience I did, which is beyond belief.” ~Elizabeth A.

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~ Elizabeth A.

“I started out my journey over 3 years ago with weight loss surgery. I was happy losing 165 pounds, but was left with so much excess skin! I was uncomfortable weighing 365+ pounds and I figured that with weight loss surgery I would finally be able to feel good and just be comfortable with my body.

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After the weight loss, the excess skin caused infections and also issues with hygiene. The area under the folds of skin needed extra care because of the problems they caused. During the summer it was a nightmare, as you can imagine! Even after my big accomplishment of weight loss, I was still uncomfortable and now I had a new problem that I didn’t even have when I was obese, all that extra skin. I then decided to look into getting the skin removed.

I went to a couple of consultations with different plastic surgeons, but I felt like I was just another number. The surgeons were usually in a hurry and just wanted to get the consultation over with. It was so different when I went in for a consultation with Dr. Katzen. He is so understanding, and also listens and responds to everything you have to say or ask, regardless if he's heard it a gazillion times. He's just an overall nice guy! His office staff, Jane and Diane, have been AWESOME! They do everything they can to help you out with any question or concerns you have, even if they are busy! You guys are great, thank you!

As for my surgery, I'm just ecstatic with my results! I had brachioplasty and abdominoplasty and I never knew I could look this good. Thank you Dr. Katzen! I feel and look great because of you! You are a wonderful surgeon with great hands!! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Elizabeth H.

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~ Elizabeth H.

“Dr. Katzen is a wonderful plastic surgeon, his bedside manner is excellent. I can honestly say that I have never met another surgeon who really cares about his patients like Dr. Katzen does. I had a tummy tuck scar revision (abdominoplasty done by another surgeon), staged liposuction of my thighs and a thigh lift. I’m completely satisfied with my results. The recovery was not easy I have to admit but- if I had the choice to do it all over again I would sigh up for it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Katzen for making me feel like a real woman again.” ~E.R.

~ E.R.

“Having surgery with Dr. Katzen has literally changed my life! After losing 130 pounds, I was left with sagging skin all over! I had a circumferential body lift followed by a leg lift and liposuction.

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I am extremely happy with the results. Not only do I look and feel better physically, I have more self-confidence. I feel better now than I ever have in my life. I have never in my life had a flat stomach but I do now. I didn't even look like this in High School!

I would recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone! I am thankful I chose Dr. Katzen and feel blessed for the opportunity to have him as my surgeon and I look forward to my third surgery with him. He is an amazing Dr. and he truly cares about his patients. I have had some complications and it's been a long recovery for me, but I would not trade it for anything! Thank You, Dr. Katzen, for helping me find myself in there!” ~Erica A.

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~ Erica A.

“I had been planning my tummy tuck and liposuction procedure for years. Once I met Dr. Katzen and his staff at an open house. I knew he was the doctor that I would trust with this procedure and was finally ready to do it. Dr. Katzen is what you want all doctors to be. His bedside manner is amazing and comforting, he remembers specifics about you. He was available while on vacation for questions. Dr. Katzen and his staff are highly recommended by me. Everyone at the office is very pleasant, sweet, and made the process easier. If I ever need another surgery, I am not going anywhere else.” ~Fara P.

~ Fara P.

“I found Dr. Katzen to be an amazing doctor. He explained all the procedures in detail, letting me know what I could and couldn't expect. I was thrilled with the results...and I'm old! LOL He is a total patient advocate and will fight the good fight for getting you coverage.

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Something I did not find amongst other physicians. (I interviewed several others.) His bedside manner was impeccable and I never felt ashamed or embarrassed either. My care in the hospital was fantastic as well, including my pain management, which far exceeded my expectations!” ~Fern B.

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~ Fern B.

“It is natural to feel a little apprehensive when thinking about any plastic surgery. The staff is so warm and friendly that your fears start melting away before you even meet the doctor. Dr. Katzen is a sweet heart, caring and compassionate his work is excellent. You are in goods hands with Dr. Katzen and his fabulous girls.” ~Francine F.

~ Francine F.

“Being in the medical field, I had heard wonderful things about Dr Timothy Katzen; being a patient of his, I got to experience it first hand. I was impressed by his mannerisms and professionalism but now, post-surgery, I am even more amazed by his surgical skills. Not only is he an accomplished plastic surgeon, he is also a qualified general surgeon to whom I entrusted my intestinal hernia repair. I have since referred several of my close friends to Dr Katzen as they were impressed by my results. As expected, he did not let them down.

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I thank Dr Katzen for his genuine and straightforward approach. He never tried to upsell or push an agenda. He is an incredible physician with gifted skills.” ~GE, MD.

~ GE, MD.

“My name is Gina and I recently had an arm lift and a tummy tuck. Dr. Katzen was wonderful, he has an excellent bedside manner. Dr Katzen was compassionate, kind and very patient with me. I am the type of person who is very thorough with everything and having surgery was paramount to me. I decided on Dr. Katzen after a very long research on doctors. He was recommended to me by a friend. I also had the opportunity of speaking with some of his patients and they all had to say wonderful things and Dr. Katzen prove them right.

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I was left with an hour glass figure and beautiful arms that I will be showing off this coming summer. I love going shopping and buying sleeveless clothes. Every time I look in the mirror I can't believe it. I will do it again and I will next summer when I will be doing my inner thighs. When people see me they say I even look younger. Dr. Katzen has the hands of an angel he gave me back my figure. My recovery has been awakening in many levels and I am very glad that I did it.

I just wish I done it sooner. There is an enormous amount of butchers out there and I feel blessed to have found Dr. Katzen, a real doctor.” ~Gina C.

~ Gina C.

"Dr. Katzen is a superb surgeon. I have had two surgeries and both times his skills and brilliance have impressed me so much, my respect and trust for him now are immeasurable. In addition, Dr. Katzen has a real warmth and kindness about him and he, and his staff, always made me feel safe and comfortable every step of the way." ~Gina L.

~ Gina L.

“Dr. Katzen is an unreal, compassionate plastic surgeon. His work is perfection. You can definitely be completely satisfied with him and his talents. What a plus for the medical field.” ~Gloria T.

~ Gloria T.

"At 447 lbs, Friday February 13th, 1998 I underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery w/ Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. I lost 167 lbs and was a new woman. I did though have hanging skin & fat all over my body. I had gone through this unbelievable life change and I was still unhappy with the way I looked.

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After seeing several plastic surgeons, I started my "reconstruction phase" while I was living in Dallas. The Doctor at the time was not used to dealing with Gastric Bypass patients and their special needs. This type of massive surgery was relatively new as the weight loss surgery was gaining momentum worldwide. His approach had been to go section by section. This caused me to recuperate at a slower rate with more difficulties. It did not produce the exact results I was hoping for. Two multiple surgeries later, we still had not tackled my biggest issue....Two large flanks above my butt.

Later, I moved to Orange County, CA. Being in the land of beautiful women, sea and sand, I began to get the urge again to undergo additional surgery. This was more of a mental victory than a physical one. My family and friends could not believe that I was willing to risk my mental and physical health once again. They didn't understand what it felt like to be carrying around this additional weight and misshaped body. I decided this time I would approach surgery differently. I would find a plastic surgeon that specialized in the gastric bypass patient. The day after I mentally made this decision, I was watching Bravo TV and a commercial for Dr. Katzen was being shown. It was as if G-d himself was speaking to me and telling me to go for it. I jotted the website information down and pulled out my laptop. I didn't sleep that night. My head was filled with other people's testimonials about his work, before and after pictures of the latest surgeries, and all the reading I did on the weight loss boards & sites. I called to make an appointment the next day. To my surprise, he was not in Orange County but in Beverly Hills. On a map, it doesn't seem far. At most times of the day, it is a 2 hour commute from door to door This wasn't exactly what I wanted but I thought let me meet him.

I arrived at my appointment, with a filled waiting room and smiling faces greeting me at the reception desk. I remember thinking this guy is too busy - is that a good sign or bad one? Will he have enough time to spend with me or does his work speak for itself that his bedside manner doesn’t matter? I received my answer shortly. When brought back to the exam room, Dr. Katzen spent over 45 minutes talking with me. I didn't feel rushed. He answered all my questions showing me photos of his work similar to mine. I never once saw him look at his watch. I walked out of his office that day with the estimate in hand and a new thought in my head. I must have a "Body by Katzen".

It took me 3 days to resolve myself to doing the surgery. Now I had to deal with not only the mental and physical aspects of the surgery but the financial one as well. I called the next day asking for a follow up appointment to see some more photos and have a chance to ask some additional questions. I think I was so excited leaving his office at the initial consultation; I just wanted to make sure that what he told me and what I saw were the truth and not just things I thought I wanted to hear and see. Dr. Katzen met with me again for another 30 minutes at least. By using the latest techniques and the “power lift” surgery, this man not only told me but promised me, that he could remove those flanks and give me a normal midsection all the way around. I thought how much was that worth to me? From previous experience I knew that my insurance wouldn’t pay. I made the decision that if I was ever going to go into debt for something… this was it. This is what credit cards with no interest were for!!! I gave a deposit that day and put my name in for the next available surgery date. The patient coordinator said lets go ahead and try and put this through the insurance but unfortunately I was correct. I was lucky enough to have had them pay for a previous surgery and knew the ropes.

Due to my work schedule and Dr. Katzen’s schedule, the first available date was May 7, 2008. I busied myself with getting all the testing done. I arrived that morning at the surgicenter filled with mixed emotions. Was I doing the right thing? Did I really want to go through this again? I had blocked out the recovery periods from my last two surgeries and for some reason walking into that building I was gripped with fear. Dr. Katzen met me in the prep room as the nurses were busying around me to get me ready. He took the last photos of my old body and marked me up with a pen. I stood there and asked him again with tears welling up in my eyes…”This line was going to meet this line and this will all be gone??” and he said “YES”.

Over 10 hours of surgery later, I rolled into the recovery room. The worst moment of the entire recovery came at the point where they were going to transport me from the surgicenter to the recovery medical hotel. When I read the brochure, I thought transported meant on the gurney in one of those non-emergency ambulances. This was not the case. They took me off the gurney, into a wheelchair and wheeled me downstairs to an underground parking garage to a waiting Lexus sedan. Lexus or not…the experience of getting into the back seat of that car, the 10 minute ride to the hotel, the wheelchair from the car to the room, I thought what the heck have I done to myself. My sister in law, a registered nurse, who graciously signed up to assist me with the recovery process was waiting for me. I left the hotel the next day feeling safe in my caregiver’s hands and made the 2 hour trek back to my house.

The first few weeks were great. I saw the results immediately. My spirits were up. Through recommendations I read on the websites, I rented a lift up reclining chair and a walker to help me move around more easily. I would definitely recommend both to any patient considering this procedure. I was back to working from home a few hours a day within 2 weeks.

At one of my follow up appointments Dr. Katzen had noticed some black spots along the incision line. He instructed me to put a nitro glycerin crème on it and for me to watch it carefully and call with any changes. With the help of digital cameras and email, I was able to send him photos of changes in the coloring. After receiving them, he asked me to come in earlier that week for my follow up. The skin and tissue underneath was not getting enough blood flow and it was dying. My first thought was here we go again. My immediate recovery time always went great. It was the remaining time shortly thereafter when things went wrong. There were three sites where this was occurring. Of course, it was the three areas where the most fat and skin were removed (lower stomach area and both sides of my butt where the flanks once were). I had to be hooked up to a Wound Vac machine, monitored by a nurse from a home health care agency with 3x a week dressing changes. It became routine to have my Monday or Tuesday afternoon weekly follow-up appointment with Dr. Katzen. Even the valet guy at the building was monitoring my progress. Each week, Dr. Katzen walked in the room, shook my hand, asked me how I was doing (not only physically but mentally) and listened to me. As the recovery moved forward, he always kept smiling and giving me hope. It was three months before the wound vac could be removed. The time it took was mostly my fault. I wasn’t eating properly, if at all and I wasn’t giving my body what it needed..PROTEIN.

These months were more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Dr. Katzen seemed to become my therapist secondary to being my plastic surgeon. Even my family and friends, who drove me to each week’s follow up appointment got to know him and saw his “specialness” for themselves. Due to the complications, I am going to need a scar revision. Even with everything that happened to me this year with the recovery issues, I would trust Dr. Katzen with my life again without a doubt in my mind. I am excited for the day we can finally take the “after” pictures!!!” ~Heidi S.

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~ Heidi S.

“As little as 5 years ago, I never would have thought that I would ever consider bariatric or plastic surgery, but I am so glad I opened my mind and heart to the idea. Once I did, after identifying the right physicians, I knew that I would be successful..

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In November 2005 (at the age of 40) I underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost a total of 125 pounds and have been able to keep it off every since. For me this was a huge success and I finally felt back to my younger and more energetic self. I feel that I have regained so much of my old spirit back and one of my greatest worries in life had been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel so much more healthy and confident with a foreseeable likelihood that I will live to actively enjoy my children growing up and one day enjoy grandchildren.

When I was extremely overweight, I use to stay up many nights worrying about my health, appearance, and felt guilty about my lack of energy to enjoy my beautiful three sons (which were toddlers at the time). When I got to the place where I needed to loose over a hundred pounds plus, I knew myself and knew that I needed extra special supports and a plan/strategy that: fit who I was and would meet my needs, worked with my busy lifestyle, had dramatic timely results, and would force a major change in my lifestyle habits. Bariatric surgery was certainly the answer for me.

After shedding my weight and feeling so much better physically and emotionally, I began to be bothered with my sagging skin from the weight loss as well as what I call my ¨twin skin¨ from delivering my twin boys in 2003. Although I was able to strap down in girdles and a drawer full of every ¨ pick-me up¨ undergarment that existed, I still did not feel that I had met my full body potential and was not comfortable about how I looked in my skin. This is when I began my exploration to find the best qualified plastic surgeon for my transformation. Believe me, when it comes to identifying the best doctors for my family and me, I am very diligent and I have never been sorry about any of my decisions in the doctors I have chosen for medical care as I have done so with caution and with the goal of identifying the best and safest experience with the ultimate results medical care has to offer.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Timothy Katzen. After researching his background, hearing him present on a couple of occasions, and consulting with him and other plastic surgeons, I made my clear choice. Dr. Katzen met my requirements and standards in every way. Not only is he kindhearted and genuinely takes interest in his patients (this is obvious upon first meeting him), but he is competent, professional, understands post-bariatric needs, appreciates all body types, is culturally sensitive, listens to his patients, and hangs with you until you are healed and satisfied with your results. It is also refreshing to work with a physician that can lead an effective team as his office support staff are knowledgeable, supportive, and very helpful to me in maneuvering through my private insurance hurdles for certification and coverage.

I felt so confident with Dr. Katzens' abilities and trusted his expertise. Many of my fears about plastic surgery were subsided because of his expertise and approach. Of course, I was reassured and impressed along the way by numerous patients that I had met in his office, by the hospital staff during my surgery stay, and by various members of the post-bariatric community. I frequently recommend Dr. Katzen to people without any hesitation in doing so.

One of the things about having plastic surgery (abdominoplasty, lipo to the hips/thighs, breast lift/augmentation) by Dr. Katzen that I have been so amazed is just how much the results have lifted my spirit to such a higher level. I feel so much more complete and womanly. In addition, I am amazed with how natural my results have been and how limited my scarring has been. I have healed quickly with minimal pain or discomfort. Because of my dark skin color, I was so worried about keloids and scarring, but I believe with Dr. Katzen's techniques, abilities, and treatment recommendations, there was no longer concern. I felt like I was in very ¨good hands.¨

I have talked to other people that have not had the best of plastic surgery experiences or they have a surgeon that wants to squeeze in as many procedures as they can in a days' surgery. Dr. Katzen does not work this way. In my experience, he is methodical with his strategies and he really takes in consideration what the risk factors and potential concerns are for each patient.

My husband of eight years never met me in my younger days. He had met and only knew me during my heaviest of days. He loved me then just as he loves me now, however now days he constantly comments with a grin on his face, ¨Wow—look at Mommy now!¨. My husband has been wonderfully supportive through this whole transformation. He participated in meeting with Dr. Katzen and is also quite impressed with his work and concern for his patients.

Having plastic surgery done by Dr. Katzen has helped me to regain some of my old spirit back. I feel great, look great, and as a result have more confidence with everything I do. Never thought I´d get back into a two piece bathing suit again, but I just bought a few of them and will be sporting them by the pool this summer!!!! Wow, what an empowering experience! Thank you Dr. Katzen and staff!!” Ingrid R.

~ Ingrid R.

“After significant weight loss, Dr. Katzen helped complete the transformation. My concerns and question were answered from the initial visit throughout the post operative visits. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen.” ~ Isaac C.

~ Isaac C.

“Dr. Katzen is the most amazing doctor with the best bedside manner. I have the most beautiful stomach and from now I will wear a bikini.” ~Rachel Z.

~ Rachel Z.

“All of my life I have battled with my weight, a battle that will probably never end. At the age of 16, I was over 300 pounds. I considered this to be one of the lowest points in my life, not only my appearance but also my self esteem.

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Although this has been a tough battle, I continue to fight. I have been able to drop my weight to approximately 180 pounds. However, some of the results from this battle have left me with extra skin which is not a pretty sight. Although my confidence and self esteem increased, I was not fully content nor comfortable with my body. I wanted to make some changes, so I began to research the changes I wanted to make. In this endeavor, I realized there were many offices and doctors that offered services with great deals and prices, which only made me question how and why would they offer these services at such cost. I realized that I wasn't looking for the best price, I was searching for a doctor who made me confident that the surgery would be a success and that I would get the results I was looking for.

After many months of looking for an office and doctor, I finally came across Dr. Katzen's office that was recommended by Garden Grove Hospital. The moment I met Dr. Katzen, I felt very comfortable and secure. These are two of the most important feelings anyone must feel before undergoing any kind of surgery.

I had several consultations with Dr. Katzen prior to the surgery, not only to ensure that I was physically ready but also emotionally. In December 2006, Dr. Katzen performed both a breast enhancement and upper arm tuck surgery. At no point did I feel insecure about these procedures. I knew that it would be a success. Dr. Katzen was professional, caring and performed with great confidence.

It has been over one year since the surgery, and I have to say that to this day, I have no regrets and would highly recommend Dr. Katzen to any person considering any of these two surgeries.

Dr. Katzen, thank you for changing my life!!” ~ JP

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~ JP

“I met Dr. Katzen in July of 2006, approximately 7 months after I had my WLS and had lost 100lbs. I knew immediately that he was the doctor for me. His compassion, expertise and bevy of beauties volunteering to show their "handiwork" was overwhelming. During my personal consultation, he and his staff made me feel comfortable and that my quality of life mattered.

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When I was ready for my surgery, I went back to Dr. Katzen and had a reconstruction plan laid out. My surgery went perfectly, and my recovery was switft. He was there for me at every bump in the road, 24/7, even while on vacation. For the first time in my life, I have a flat stomach, a flat back, and my thighs are still healing. I am wearing form fitting, body conscious clothes and can't wait to see what my final result will be. Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking, but I felt confident with my choice of physician partner and that helped getting through the rough spots. Now it's all about living my life in freedom. I cannot recommend Dr. Katzen highly enough.” ~Janet Z.

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~ Janet Z.

“I would never use anyone for any body sculpting surgery except Dr. Katzen.  He is brilliant at re-sculpting bodies after massive weight loss.  I can wear a bikini for the first time in my life, and I’m 50.  He was caring and responsive during the entire process, and explained everything to me.  The best part is the results. I look better than I ever have in my entire life.” ~Janice

~ Janice

“Dr. Katzen is an incredible doctor with a great bedside manner! He made me feel comfortable and safe, and the results were fantastic! Better then I had imagined.” ~Jessica S.

~Jessica S.

“Hi my name is Joanne. 20 months ago I had Gastric Bypass surgery and I have lost 172 lbs. I first heard about Dr. Katzen at a support group meeting. A few of the women there had been patients of his. They said such great things about him, and then he came and gave us a presentation about what he could do. He had such a caring manner that I knew I would want to have him help me when the time came.

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Well it came and we met for him to do my first surgery a Bilateral Inverted T Abdominoplasty (cut from between breasts to pubes and from hip to hip). I was afraid of surgery, afraid of the pain, just plain afraid. Dr Katzen and his wonderful office staff were with me every step of the way. They made me feel comfortable and secure that all would be well. It was! The surgery was a breeze I had very little pain. I was a bit uncomfortable but able to deal with it no problem. The communication with the Dr. and his staff was great. I never had to explain who I was or what I had done they knew me and my issues and helped with everything.

Before I had my surgery I met with a family friend who is a Plastic surgeon. I thought he was closer to my home and with being a friend it would cost less. Well after the meeting I decided that his charges were about the same and he didn’t have nearly as much experience with excessive skin. As you know I went with Dr Katzen and I am so happy. I LOVE MY NEW TUMMY!!!!!!!!! It looks wonderful, my girlfriend said I look like a teenager and my husband said it’s like having a Porsche. I would recommend Dr Katzen for his great skill and wonderful manner, but also for his support staff, they treat me so well. I am just getting ready to go in for my next surgery (arms and breasts) I can’t wait!!!!!” ~Joanne R.

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~ Joanne R.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor. After the mastectomy I know how my chest would look like so I decided to have reconstruction. Dr. Katzen did not only do a wonderful job but it is meticulously clean (the scar is just a line and in time it would be unnoticeable). The bandage is really clean, no blood. You know that you won’t get an infection the way he did it. Most of all, it perfectly matches the other breast.” ~Jocelyn S.

~ Jocelyn S.

“After I lost weight after bariatric surgery I was healthier but I hated my loose skin. I love to swim and hated to get into a swimming suit. I am so much happier now that I have had the body lift. Life is so much better. I am so glad I had it done.” ~Jody S.

~ Jody S.

“This is my 5th plastic surgery, the last 2 were performed by Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen and his staff are the best period. When you had 5 procedures believe me, you can tell the difference. Something about Dr. Katzen puts you in a calm mood, he cares (very prompt in returning calls and addressing your concerns.” ~John

~ John

“It should be hard to rate someone as excellent in all areas, but, Dr. Katzen was not difficult to rate as an excellent physician and person. He was very understanding of any questions I had and always took the time to make sure I understood. Thank you.” ~Josephine K.

~ Josephine K.

“Like many of Dr. K's patients, I have lost a great deal of weight and knew that surgery was the only solution to tightening the excess skin that remained. Two years ago, my HMO agreed to a panniculectomy, but this time I knew I'd have to do some research and find an outside plastic surgeon to do anything beyond.

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I interviewed about a dozen plastic surgeons, some recommended by friends and some not, but after I met Dr. Katzen, I knew immediately knew he would be the surgeon I'd want to do the procedure(s). My saggy upper arms have been an embarrassment since my 20's, and over the years, as I gained weight, they only got worse. I stopped wearing sleeveless tops and eventually only wore blouses that hit my elbow. Today, I have upper arms that rival my 18 year-old daughter's! They are still healing, but they look soooo good already. The upper-torso procedure has given me the freedom to wear the tightest tees and there's no fat hanging over the bra (smooth above, below, and under the arms), and I love it! My neck was showing signs of aging besides the weight loss sagging, so I now have a smooth, tight neck that I know will keep me looking great for years to come. Although I've never had a double chin, my neck, jawline, and cheekbones now are as smooth and tight as a woman 20 years younger. I am amazed at Dr. K's magic. I am so grateful to Esther W. for telling me about him.

What more can I say? The office staff has been holding my hand, so to speak, and answering my gazillion questions from the beginning. THANK YOU DIANA AND RAQUEL!!! I have dutifully followed every bit of advice from Dr. K and as a result, have been healing very rapidly. Even with four procedures done at once (I'm so glad! ), there was minimal pain afterwards, and I stopped taking pain meds four days after surgery. Two small drains came out a few days later. His devotion to his patients is immeasurable--he returns phone calls quickly and has patiently answered every question (and I must hold a record for the most questions!) and provided reassurance every time I worried that some phase of the healing was unusual. If anyone wants to contact me, feel free to do so--I am more than happy to share my wonderful experience and continue to praise Dr. Katzen and his crew.” ~Judy M.

~ Judy M.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Katzen and the extraordinary care I received as his patient. Having lost over 150 lbs with the help of gastric bypass surgery, I was left with tons of unsightly loose skin all over my body that disguised my overall weight loss. Therefore, I set out on a mission to find the best plastic surgeon in the country to help undo the damage to my body caused by my extreme weight loss.

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I live in Dallas, TX and was willing to travel anywhere in order to get the best care and results. My search for the best plastic surgeon in the area of body contouring after weight loss brought me to Dr. Katzen. I found nothing but glowing recommendations for him, and was impressed with his qualifications, before-and-after pictures, and outreach efforts. I am so happy that I chose him as my surgeon! Not only is he a master artist, but he really seems to genuinely care about the welfare of his patients.

I’ve never known a doctor to be so accommodating and so generous with his time. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Katzen! The gastric bypass surgery might have helped give me my life back, but I feel that Dr. Katzen gave me the gift to truly enjoy my new life!” ~Julie S.

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~ Julie S.

“December 2005 was the start of my new journey. I lost 200lbs in about a year and half, I was left with sagging skin. I went on to the OH website and found Dr. Katzen. He was having free consultation in Universal City. After meeting and speaking to a lot of his patients I felt like I was on the right path to getting my sagging skin removed. Then after hearing his presentation I knew he was the ONLY doctor for me. After consulting with Dr. Katzen I went home to think about having surgery.

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A year later I called his office because I finally felt ready to go through with the surgery. I had surgery about 6 weeks ago and although I have not finished healing I feel like I have a great team behind me. This has not been the easiest thing for me but I am certain I will feel like a million dollars when I can wear short leave shirts and not worry. His staff goes above and beyond the call of duty. They were all very sweet and patient. Any time I had a question or concern I never felt like calling was a bother to the doctor or the staff. They made things so much easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Katzen, Jane, Raquel, and Diana.” ~Karen E.

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~ Karen E.

“I had several areas of my body that were in very serious trouble. Dr. Katzen is an excellent doctor who really wants to help you improve your life. He planned my surgeries down to the last minute details. Dr. Katzen explains what he wanted to do in a language that non-medical workers can understand. I am very happy with the results. I will refer my friends to him. I know he is a gifted doctor.” ~Karen K.

~ Karen K.

“I would like to share my glowing recommendation for Dr. Timothy Katzen. I had one of the best surgeons for my Gastric-Bypass surgery in February 2005 and I wanted nothing but the best for my Brachioplasty to continue my journey, so I feel so very fortunate to have found Dr. Katzen for this procedure.

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It is so important to have a Plastic Surgeon who really understands someone who chooses to have weight-loss surgery; why we did it, our motivations, our sensitivities, both physical and emotional, and our goals. By specializing almost exclusively in post weight-loss patients Dr. Katzen has this sensitivity, and even more importantly, he has the skill to deal with our unique needs internally and externally.

Dr. Katzen took as much time as I needed in his consultations with me in order to make sure I felt comfortable, and he ensured I really had all my questions answered. I never felt rushed. Even after my procedure, I always feel like I am his only patient when he is dealing with me. (However, for as hard as this man works. and as much as he cares for everyone, I know I’m not!) And, although I live 2500 miles away, after 10 days I returned home and with e-mail and digital pictures I’ve been getting the same level of care as if I was right there in his office in Beverly Hills.

I had my Brachioplasty in November 2008 and I can already say, only two months later, that Doctor Katzen’s kind “bedside manner” is only out-done by his skill as a surgeon. Already my arms look wonderful. I had the full armpit to elbow procedure and he placed the scars so perfectly at the “inside seams” of my arms that even as I heal, no one notices the scars unless I point them out.

In order for a Doctor to have the ability to maximize his time with his patients he must have a good staff to take care of everything else, and Doctor Katzen has the best. Between Raquel, Diana, and Jane there is always someone available to answer your questions from procedure details to finance.

Whatever procedure I may choose to have in the future, if it’s plastic surgery, there is NO ONE except Doctor Katzen for me.” ~Karen K.

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~ Karen K.

"I am quite happy with the results of Dr Katzen's work! I found him to be a very caring person that remembers personal details about his patients. It is obvious that he cares about his patients. He is completely professional, thorough, and does his best to make you feel comfortable. He is a wonderful, very capable Dr. and I would highly recommend him." ~Karen S.

~ Karen S.

“Dr. Katzen helped change my life. After my lower body lift, I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I love shopping and have the packed closet to prove it. My self-esteem has greatly increased, and I enjoy going out and not having to worry about my size. I can wear clothes without having to constantly tug and pull to make sure everything is covered and looks ok. I have become more accepting of myself.” ~April P.

~ April P.

"The truth is that getting up the courage to even show a doctor my crazy body took over a year. When I first met Dr. Katzen I had lost close to 140 pounds following successful gastric bypass surgery. I had folds and flaps of skin and lumps and bumps that defy description. I knew there was a lot I wanted to change, but that the process of the change would be difficult and include some measure of embarrassment.

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Having now completed one portion of the surgeries I intend to have more. I can say that Dr. Katzen was incredibly kind, compassionate, and sensitive. We discussed all of my options, surgical and non-surgical, and he answered all of my questions honestly. He acknowledged my fears openly without overwhelming me. Somehow, I always feel like he is genuinely happy to see me and that he is personally invested in helping me achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I had to travel out of the country about four weeks after a major surgery and while I was away I developed some trouble in the healing process. Dr. Katzen, Raquel, Diana and Jane, took my panicked phone calls in stride, advised me on the best way to get the healing back on track, and most of all reassured me that I would be okay.

I knew before I embarked on the surgical path that it would be challenging, but having had Dr. Katzen by my side for the first part, I can't imagine continuing on without his help.” ~K.F.

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~ K.F.

“Dr. Katzen is a great doctor. If you are an African American, and worried about scars, like I was, Dr. Katzen is the one to see. While he cannot guarantee perfect results, like any doctor, his skill has left me with minimal scarring. One of the many things issues that trouble wl patients is the excess skin. Dr. Katzen actually specializes in baractric and extreme weight loss patients.

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Most PS that I saw prior to my going to Dr. Katzen wanted to perform the same procedure, thigh lift T-incision on the thighs - groin to knee and arm lift pit to elbow, even though I didn't have extra skin at the joint region. This meant no matter what I was going to have a long scar. Finally, I met Dr. Katzen, who gave me other options to the procedures that I wanted. You spend years trying to get the weight off, the last thing you want is a large reminder of how far you came. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life hiding scars the same way I hide my body in obesity. Nearly a year and a half my plastic surgery, I am still amazed what a wonderful job he did on my butt and thigh lift. The butt lift scars are in the perfect position and nearly undetectable. I can't say enough about Dr. Katzen. My thigh lift scars have nearly completely faded. Words cannot express how much Dr. Katzen has changed my life, but he helped save one as well. He helped counsel my aunt whose daughter was on the verge of death. He was able to provide an unbiased opinion which helped my aunt make a decision that ultimately saved my cousin's life. Thanks just doesn't say enough.” ~Keisha J.

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~ Keisha J.

“I had a botched liposuction surgery done 13 years ago. My thighs were a disaster. After consulting with many cosmetic surgeons I thought the problem I had could not be fixed. Then I found Dr. Katzen. Finally an answer to my problem. Dr. Katzen did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone considering having body work done even if you have to travel out of state. The results are worth it.” ~Kim T.

~ Kim T.

“In September 2005, I took the first step of my new life by having gastric bypass surgery. At the time I had the surgery, I weighed over 300 lbs. Over the course of the next year and a half, I was able to drop nearly half my body weight! Although I felt much better overall, I had a fun new problem to deal with; lots of excess skin.

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Throughout the course of my weight loss, I had never really considered having plastic surgery. I thought, as long as I was finally at a healthy weight, it wouldn’t matter if I had some excess skin. I even fooled myself into believing that if I just went to the gym enough, the skin would bounce right back into place. However, it never happened.

Then, in April 2007, I attended a weekend seminar sponsored by ObesityHelp.com. At that seminar, I attended a presentation by Dr. Katzen regarding post-bariatric plastic surgery. I was quite impressed with Dr. Katzen, and particularly with the fact that he specializes in body contouring for post weight-loss patients. With all the plastic surgeons there are to choose from in Los Angeles, I had never found one who specifically focused on this specialty.

After the seminar, I took the next step of my transformation by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Katzen. At my initial visit, I was impressed by Dr. Katzen’s ability to make me feel at ease in what could have been a very uncomfortable situation. Dr. Katzen listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and then created a well thought out plan for my surgeries. I never felt pressured to do any more surgery than I initially wanted. After that visit, I was sold. I never even consulted with any other surgeons.

In October 2007, I had a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Then, in February 2008, I had an arm lift (brachioplasty) and a breast lift/augmentation. Both surgeries went exceptionally smoothly, and although I had some minor complications during my recovery process, Dr. Katzen was always available by telephone to answer my questions and provide any assistance needed. His staff has also been very helpful in answering my questions. I am very happy with the results of the two surgeries. I finally look as great as I feel. Dr. Katzen’s skills as a surgeon are top notch. But even more importantly, his ability to make me feel at ease, his honesty, and his genuine concern for my well-being, make him a great doctor.” ~Kristen H.

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~ Kristen H.

I“Since my gastric bypass in 2006 I have lost 160lbs., but I felt incomplete. I needed to get rid of my extra skin to feel even better about myself. Dr. Katzen was there to help me finish my journey. When I went into his office for the first time he and his staff made me feel at home. I had a lot of questions and concerns with this particular procedure but Dr. Katzen took as long as needed to answer every question I had and to keep me reassured about the surgery. I am so glad that I went to Dr. Katzen for my surgery; he is a wonderful Dr. and even better person.” ~Larry Q.

~ Larry Q.

“As I was researching for a plastic surgeon, I narrowed my findings based on the following: I chose Dr. Katzen mainly because 90% of his surgeries were done for wls people.

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Now that I’ve had surgery with Dr. Katzen, I would say he is a very comforting doctor and I could genuinely feel that he cared about me and cared that the results I got were perfect.

He has high expectations and I like that, plus I felt safe with him.” ~Laura B.

~ Laura B.

“I had several unsatisfying consults with other plastic surgeons prior to meeting with Dr. Katzen. I was told by them all that my needs could not be completely met. But Dr. Katzen told me otherwise. I had complete confidence in him, and he did not let me down.

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I feel like a brand new person now, after having had six procedures done by him. Throughout all of the steps, Dr. Katzen made me feel comfortable and took the time to answer my questions. When things got difficult, he was there to help and to listen. Not only is he a gifted surgeon, but he is a kind and considerate person. I appreciate all he has done for me and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. Dr. Katzen truly is remarkable!” ~Laura C.

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~ Laura C.

“I met Dr. J. Timothy Katzen one year ago when he performed surgery on my daughter. I am so honored to know him. He displays everything a doctor should be; highest ethics, integrity and character. He is also very kind, caring, and professional. I wholly trust his judgment and I am a very satisfied patient. I would recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone who is looking to have their life change and an experience with the kindest person I have ever met.” ~Lilia B.

~ Lilia B.

“I was referred to Dr. Katzen by a trusted friend and I have been pleased the whole way through my journey. Dr. Katzen is a master and his staff was helpful, calming, and even fun.” ~ Linda B.

~ Linda B.

“I wonder if the Cardinals are aware of Dr. Katzen. If I were voting, the bells would toll and there would be white smoke!!!” ~Linda M.

~ Linda M.

“Dr. Katzen is a prince. I lost a total of 81 pounds through diet and exercise. I worked out hard ,five days a week doing every type of stomach exercise possible. I bought every type of machine. Nothing worked. I had an "apron belly" and I hated it. After covering up for years because of my excess weight, I found myself still doing it because of my hanging belly. Finally I made the decision to have a tummy tuck.

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I spoke to two other surgeons in my local city. Then I was referred to Dr. Katzen and immediately I just loved him. He had the time to answer all my questions, and made me feel my happiness was as important to him as it was to me. It has been a year since my tummy tuck and it's beautiful. I've never had a flat tummy but boy I do now. Dr. Katzen made my dream come true. I feel much more confident in myself. The trade off, (a scar over a hanging belly) was worth it. I'd do it all over again.” ~Lisa G.

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~ Lisa G.

“It has been a month and a couple of days since my surgery. I am so excited and pleased with the results of my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).The surgery went even better than expected with no surprises and my recovery has been quick and pain free. My entire experience has been amazing and can't believe how great I look and how quickly I have recuperated. Dr. Katzen significantly changed the appearance of my loose skin, and stretch marks in my abdominal area. I have a completely flat tummy...Hey!!

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He has given me a new body. I am fortunate to have found such a wonderful, brilliant and gifted surgeon who's making his patients look and feel better. Thank you Dr. Katzen for a memorable experience with plastic surgery. Your skills and ability to turn dreams into reality are amazing. You and your staff are examples of what the practice of medicine and patient care should be. I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone. He is an awesome plastic surgeon! Now I can truly say I have a Body by Katzen! In the future, if I need anything else done, I wont hesitate to come back! Thank you again for changing my life.” ~Lorena B.

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~ Lorena B.

“My experience with Dr. Katzen began just six short months ago. Who would've known what an impact he could have on my life in such a short period of time. A little history about me. My body has been through many changes in the past year and a half. It all started with gastric bypass in June of 2007. I have lost a total of 180 pounds and now have a great deal of skin to be removed. That's where Dr. Katzen came in. Dr. Katzen has made me feel comfortable and at ease since the day I met him.

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I couldn't decide where to begin and he, and his amazing staff, were open and honest with me every step of the way. I finally decided to begin with my arms and have brachioplasty surgery. My arms still looked like they belonged to the 300+ pound woman I used to be and I wanted nothing more then to transform them into the "new me". I was very nervous on the morning of surgery and one distinct memory I have before the anesthesia took over was of Dr. Katzen. He held my hand and told me, "Everything's going to be just fine. We'll see you in a little while with your new, gorgeous arms." It absolutely amazed me that my surgeon would take his time to comfort me and put me at ease before the surgery began. My past experiences with doctors have always just been "short and sweet" - in the door, take care of what they need to, and out they go. It's never, ever been that way with Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen did such an amazing job on my arms! I still look in the mirror every day and can't believe that these arms belong to me. When I show people "his work" they can't believe how amazing they look and what a great job he did. I can't wait to finish my transformation in the future and I will most definitely have Dr. Katzen leading the way. Dr. Katzen is supported by the most amazing staff of ladies who truly know what they are doing and obviously enjoy their work. They are genuinely friendly and outgoing each time I see them or speak with them. I can't thank Dr. Katzen and his staff enough for making me feel so welcome and comfortable! You are all amazing!” ~Lori W.

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~ Lori W.

"My experience with Dr. Katzen has been an extremely positive one. He performed breast reconstruction surgery on me because of prior.breast cancer surgery, I had a ruptured implant and pain on the other side (from another doctor). Dr.Katzen replaced both implants so evenly they are 100% better and look prefect. You need that for your self confidence. I can't thank him enough for making me whole again. Also everyone on his staff has gone out of their way to fulfill my request and needs. I am sincerely grateful." ~Louise A.

~ Louise A.

“Dr. Katzen and his staff are amazing. I am so happy to have been in their care. Dr. Katzen is an all around AWESOME doctor who is both professional and a personable person who doesn’t give you the “doctor jitters”!

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All the great testimonials about him are true! I will surely return for something I’m sure, and I will refer him as the best doctor in town! Thank you millions!” ~Lusine K.

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~Lusine K.

My experience with Dr. Katzen was excellent. I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Katzen and it really changed my life. I went through months of rashes and skin breakouts. Now my stomach is flat; I look more pleasant and attractive in clothes. Dr. Katzen is a very educated surgeon and is always caring for patients’ needs. ~Marcella G.

~ Marcella G.

“After losing over 100 lbs from my gastric bypass surgery, I still felt like the fat girl as I had large amounts of excess skin. I was able to hide some of the skin in clothes, but not all. It has only been a few weeks since my surgery with Dr Katzen. I had a body and thigh lift in which 27 lbs of skin and tissue were removed. Even though I am still swollen, it is an amazing transformation so far. I can not wait to see how I will look fully recovered. Dr Katzen has been there to answer all questions and make me feel comfortable.” ~ Maria Q.

~ Maria Q.

“I had surgery about 2 months ago and I feel fantastic. I'd been thinking about having surgery for a very long time, I finally did it. I'm so happy with everything. I looked at other surgeons in the area and I just felt that Dr. Katzen was not rushing me and listened to everything I said. The staff was amazing through the whole process. I feel like I made the right choice in picking my surgeon.” ~Maria R.

~ Maria R.

“Many of us have been fighting our weight for most of our lives. If we were extremely obese (as I was at 397 pounds) we knew all too well what it was like to, everyday, experience life as an unwelcome member of society. At best, we saw the smirks on people’s faces; at worst, teenagers yelling out jeers across a public parking lot. And those were only the obvious signs of our ill-favored status.

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Did our coworkers listen to our opinions? Did they consider us when they spontaneously arranged a quick lunch outing? Did store employees offer additional information or possible alternatives to help us find what we were looking for? Only after we emerged from our dark cocoons did we become aware of so many things we had been missing.

I was responsible for spinning the cocoon with my weight loss, after which, Dr. Katzen skillfully, meticulously, and devotedly extricated me from that cocoon, completing for me an unimaginable metamorphosis.

Working in the medical field myself (I am not an M.D.) I had consulted with several plastic surgeons as my 210 pound weight loss was nearing its completion. The price was so high! The opinions about what could be accomplished were somewhat varied. The examination and manipulation of my “folds” during the consults felt varying degrees of “awkward.”

I was attending an OH (Obesity Help) conference when I heard Dr. Katzen speak during one of the sessions. This young-looking guy in front of us was so friendly, so knowledgeable, as he showed amazing “before-and-after” photos of his work, and he clearly enjoyed what he does for a living…. what he could do for us. I signed up for a private consultation later in the day.

Unlike what is usually seen in his regular office waiting room, the hallway outside of the convention center hotel room where Dr. Katzen was performing his individual consultations was full of scores of people waiting their turn to be seen by him. “Oh, no!” I thought. “This is going to be a cattle call!” Was I ever wrong! When it came my turn, his assistant politely asked me if I wanted to show the doctor just certain areas, and wish to remain fully clothed, or did I “feel comfortable” changing into the terry robe she offered? I was shown to a private area to change, and came into the larger private area where the doctor and his assistant were patiently waiting for me. Dr. Katzen greeted me with a friendly smile and warm handshake, asked me how I was enjoying the convention, and easily engaged me in natural conversation. The fact that almost a hundred people were waiting in the hallway to see him was never a thought, as he asked me what kinds of improvements I was thinking of. We discussed the pros and cons of different types of procedures and methods. He was as interested as I was in the outcome which would most please me. I had finally found the architect of my final transformation.

Now I will have the upper body lift in two months. I am so very pleased with the way I look from the waist down and now will complete the job. I am looking to get rid of the excess skin on my arms and upper torso. No matter what happens, I know Dr. Katzen will do whatever is needed to help me be successful as he has already proven his integrity and character in adverse situations. By the way, I am a registered nurse and advanced nurse practitioner with a background in surgery, so I think I am a pretty good judge."

My insurance company is a self-contained HMO, so anything that they approved (and they only approved one thing) had to be done by their own doctors. There was NO chance of any insurance payment for anything an outside doctor would do. They had already done a “tummy tuck” on me at their own facility, and the outcome was, in a word, “ugly.” My belly button looked like a drain hole at the bottom of a vortex which dented in the main part of my abdomen. Dr. Katzen discussed what could be done about that.

Some months later, I scheduled with Dr. Katzen to perform a revision of that poorly done “tummy tuck,” a lower body lift, and a crescent thigh lift. I truly was not at all scared the day of surgery. Everyone at the surgical center, and especially Dr. Katzen was calm, friendly and warmly professional. What seemed like five minutes later (I think it was actually 5 hours) I was in the recovery room with Dr. Katzen smiling down at me, telling me that everything had gone well, that I was doing great and that he had removed seventeen pounds of skin from me! Wow! Although I could not immediately know the final result, I could physically feel that I was lighter.

It had been quite an involved all-at-one-time procedure so, as Dr. Katzen suggested, I stayed one night in a “recovery facility” nearby. He came to visit me that evening, and again the next morning. My entire recovery was carefully orchestrated under the watchful eyes of Dr. Katzen.

The swelling subsided, and the results were dramatic! My bulbous hips were gone! My misshapen butt was smaller and contoured! My stomach looked like one belonging to a twenty-year-old! My belly button had never looked so cute! Jennifer Anniston had nothin’ on me! The miraculous metamorphosis was complete! Clothes fit me. Cute styles look great on me. I am excited to go out and dress up, or to be seen in summery outfits. I look into every mirror I pass.

The mental transformation took somewhat longer. For some time, whenever I caught my reflection in a mirror, I was shocked by how good I looked. I even had a nightmare once, that the police were about to come to take away my transformed, beautiful body! Dr. Katzen humbly smiles when I tell him about the wonders his skills have done for me, and the life changes his expertise has helped me to achieve.

In most brochures, we are cautioned to not choose our plastic surgeon based on cost, but to discern carefully, based on education, expertise, results and credentials. And that is extremely sound advice. But what I’ve not seen mentioned in testimonials on Dr. Katzen’s literature is this: I live in a distant suburb of Los Angeles—a good 70 miles away from his Beverly Hills office. Two of the plastic surgeons with whom I consulted who live in my city were going to charge me a much higher fee than Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen’s medical education is from institutions rated nationally as being far superior than those of my local doctors. His experience with patients after extreme weight loss is in a completely different league than any other plastic surgeon I know of. So, how could it be that this superior skill and artistry could be had for less? I venture to say that Dr. Katzen’s motivation to help improve our lives goes far beyond making a living for himself. Dr. Katzen has a heart for those of us who have traveled this particular journey. I am just one of many beneficiaries of his skill, his expertise, and that heart.” ~Maria S.

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~ Maria S.

“Gastric Bypass gave me the tools to take charge of my life. After successfully loosing 147 pounds I had one step left. That step was to find a plastic surgeon. Not just any plastic surgeon, one who truly understood that Gastric Bypass patients who have lost large amounts of weight have extreme amount of excess skin. The particular plastic surgeon I needed had to understand these large amounts of skin and the conditions that they cause.

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This plastic surgeon must have had experience in the removal of this kind of skin and experience in “total body reconstruction”. I asked for recommendations, talked with surgeons and I found they didn’t have the knowledge or experience. Yes, they could do a simple tummy tuck or breast lift, yet they didn’t have the experience to reconstruct an entire body.

That was until I met Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen and his dedication to Gastric Bypass patients and the complications that are associated with our large amounts of left over skin had the knowledge, compassion and education to help me accomplish my final goal. From the 1st moment I met him and his amazing staff I knew what an incredible team I had been blessed to find. The time he graciously gave during my 1st consultation not to mention the time given pre and post op was staggering. You are not just a case number to Dr. Katzen you are someone whom he invests into. Dr. Katzen gave me back me!!!”. ~Marianne N.

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~ Marianne N.

“When I began my final weight loss journey I had no idea I would end up where I am today. Most weight loss programs tell you to use visualization techniques as part of their program to keep you motivated. One day when I received a clothing catalog there was a faceless model wearing a really great jeans and sweater outfit. I cut out the picture and had a dozen color copies made. I pasted them to card stock and put them anywhere, including the car, where I typically spent time time during the day.

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 To be absolutley honest no matter how hard I tried, I really couldn't imagine myself looking as good as my inspiration picture. In fact I went from really bad to worse in the weight category during the years I had that picture. I gave up completely until I made the final agonizing decision to have bariatric bypass surgery.

I went from a high of 298.5 lbs. to 185 lbs. in a relatively easy transition, then slowly down to 172 lbs. where I stayed. I was happy..no I was ecstatic! And for the most part I assumed I was through with my journey. I looked good. Fortunately, I did not have the grossly hanging belly that many people get, tho I did have one, but my thighs were a mess.

When I initially went to see Dr. Katzen my thighs were my primary concern. For a few months I had been reading articles in various WLS magazines and on web-sites about reconstructive surgery. I went to seminars given by plastic surgeons and others to learn about the results that were possible.

One of the biggest emphasis made was that a patient needed to be comfortable and have complete trust in their surgeon. That made sense to me. Afterall, it had taken me two years to find my WLS surgeon. So I made appointments with some highly recommended plastic surgeons. Then I went to see Dr. Katzen. What a difference! I knew immediately he was the doctor I needed.

His unassuming demeanor, his down-to-earth suggestions, his manner of asking questions were without a doubt the most comforting, assuring experience I had had in my search. As soon as I could.no insurance. I scheduled my body-lift surgery. Whoa! What happened to the thighs? Well, on very sound advice from Dr. Katzen, they were lippoed at the same time in advance of further surgery at a later time but based on his experience there were other surgeries that needed to come first.and I will be having them.

Body by Katzen, unless you have experienced it, you have no idea! My words cannot describe how I look. I look so much better than my inspiration picture it is unreal. What I thought was an OK look before became a stunning look after. I have never looked this good in my life (I was not always extremely obese), did not imagine I could ever look like this, and sometimes, frankly, can hardly recognize myself.

Dr. Katzen is like a great sculpter only he uses humans as his art material instead of marble. He has a vision. He has a method. He has training. He has experience. Am I gushing? Yes!” ~Marsha N.

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~ Marsha N.

“Dr. Katzen and his staff have been wonderful. Very flexible and accommodating, there has been a genuine concern for me and my health issues. I would recommend him to any bariatric patient for whatever reconstructive procedure deemed necessary. His work completes the bariatric surgery journey. I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.” ~Mary G.

~ Mary G.

“Throughout my entire life, I was always up and down in terms of my weight. I always dreamed of having the "perfect" body. Even during the "skinny" times in my life, I never had a flat stomach and my arms were always big. The older I became, the more difficult it became to lose the weight and get in shape.

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Two years ago, I hit the heaviest point in my life. After achieving one of the toughest things in my life (losing more than 100 pounds), I was still not happy with my body. I was left with a significant amount of hanging skin -- mostly around my stomach and on my arms. No amount of exercise could help me. I decided to do something about it.

I conducted a significant amount of research and determined that Dr. Katzen was the doctor for my situation. He deals mainly with people who have lost a lot of weight and has the hanging excess skin. How perfect! That's exactly what I needed. After the first consultation, I knew I made the right decision. Dr. Katzen was very informative and educational. First, I had a "tummy tuck." The surgery went extremely well. A short time later, I had the skin removed from my arms. Dr. Katzen gave me what I could never achieve no matter how hard I worked - my flat stomach and my skinny arms. Dr. Katzen's care and follow-up was also second to none. He was attentive, caring and very accessible during my recovery. He continued to follow-up with me until every last issue was resolved. Dr. Katzen combines the caring of a small town doctor with the skills of a top notch Beverly Hills surgeon - a pretty good combination. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen.” ~Mary A.

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~ Mary A.

“After losing 50 pounds, I felt great. But every time I took my clothes off, I saw only excess skin that I hide under my clothes. After talking to a friend about wanting to get rid of the excess skin, she recommended Dr. Katzen. In my first appointment, I knew Dr. Katzen was the doctor for the procedures that I wanted done. A year has gone by and I am very happy with the results from my surgery. Thank you Dr. Katzen.” ~Mayra H.

~ Mayra H.

“What more can I say accept for “I love my new Body by Katzen”! I recently had surgery with Dr. Katzen on July 30, 2007. He performed liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and my inner thighs.

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My case is a little different than what Dr. Katzen works with on a day to day basis, because I’m not a gastric bypass patient. I’m a 28 year old, 160 pound, active young woman. From the outside looking in, you’d think I was silly for even considering having cosmetic surgery on my stomach, and believe me up until post-op, I got nothing but negative feedback from everyone, even my closest friends and family members.

“Okay” sure I could have done the diet and exercise thing but there are certain features you just can’t change. Along with my slim frame came this belly pouch that I’ve been dealing with since Jr. High, no matter how hard I work I just couldn’t get rid of it.

I finally made up my mind to have surgery to achieve my expectations of the perfect stomach. Thanks to Dr. Katzen and his excellent and knowledgeable staff, I now have the confidence to show off my body the way I see fit.

So many things have changed for the positive in my life because of the confidence that I now have due to Dr. Katzen’s magic hands. My results are so fantastic, all the negative feedback I was getting from friends and family has turned into “How much was it and when can I get it done”.

Dr. Katzen is an extremely detailed person with an honest opinion and he tops it off with a very friendly smile. He took the time to hear me out on everything I expected and made it realistic. Like I said, “I love my new Body by Katzen”. Not to mention his assistants are so great, they worked with me post-op and after my surgery, any questions or concerns I had they were available to me 24 hours. Thank you so much Raquel and Diane for listening and helping.

I’d recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone. He is truly GREAT at what he does, whenever anyone asks me who he is, I tell them Mr. Magic Hands!” ~Mia A.

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~ Mia A.

“If you’re thinking of having a surgery I do believe you will not find a more caring and qualified doctor than Dr. Katzen. All you really have to do is meet him once and you’ll be convinced.” ~ Michael G.

~ Michael G.

“First of all I would like to thank Dr. Katzen and his staff for their help and support in answering my questions and taking great care of needs through out this process. My life has changed a great deal through the weight loss and after having the abdominoplasty. I can now see that the effort and sometimes physical discomfort was well compensated by my results and my new out look for my future and new body. Much thanks!” ~ Missy A.

~ Missy A.

“I had several consults before I came across Dr. Katzen. I knew from that consult that I would allow no one else to work on me. His professionalism and personal care are exceptional. He is direct and explains everything thoroughly.

Click here to read more

Yet, he is not arrogant in any way. He does not hesitate to listen to everything I have to say and always responds in a thoughtful and knowledgeable manner. I had a tummy tuck and full lower body lift, specifically my thighs. Wow!! I am still amazed that the woman looking back at me in the mirrow is actually me! Dr. Katzen and his team are, without question, the best! Would it be over the top to say he is truly a magician?” ~Michelle S.

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~ Michelle S.

“After gastric bypass surgery and losing 375 lbs I was concerned about the loose skin. After meeting Dr. Katzen he told me I'd be very happy with a body lift. My body lift was on 09-05-08 and Dr. Katzen was right. I am very happy. He removed 40lbs off of me and I lost 10inches, and still counting. I spoke with two other surgeons before choosing Dr. Katzen and I made the right choice. He is not only a fantastic surgeon but a friend to all.” ~Mike W.

~ Mike W.

“My name is Mike. A couple of years ago I weighed 430 lbs. I was wearing size 6XL. My life was a mess. I had diabetes, depression, sleep apnea and no social life among things, because of my weight I was treated different than people of normal size. It was not pleasant. I tried to not let it get to me but it did. I decided to lose the weight (again).

Click here to read more

I ate salads, chicken and fish. No fast foods. In little over a year I lost 180 lbs. Now I was faced with a different problem, one that was just as bad or worse than being heavy. I had skin hanging all over me. It hung below my shirt and people again were making remarks about me. I had to do something. A friend of my parents said he knew a doctor I could call to do surgery to remove the skin. I called but could not reach that doctor but someone there gave me the name of Dr. Katzen. I gave his office a call, made an appointment to see him. This appointment was the BEST THING that ever happened to me. Dr. Katzen was so understanding. He knew exactly what I had been going through and told me how he would help me become the person I have always wanted to be. He covered everything I could possibly want to know. He would listen to what I had to say even if I asked him ten times over. He never rushed me or failed to answer any of my questions. I have never met a doctor as gentle, understanding and caring as Dr. Katzen. I did not research the internet or see other doctors. You just know when you have the BEST and I did. Dr. Katzen’s experience and knowledge is second to none. I am so grateful to him and his staff especially Jane who was always there for me.

Dr. Katzen performed a circumferential body lift on me this past July I am now wearing size L shirts and my pants size dropped from size 52 to 40. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my life now. I no longer have diabetes and people treat me so much better. I do not get smug looks and smirks any longer. I am so glad that I found Dr. Katzen. He has been a life saver.” ~Mike W.

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~ Mike W.

“I had bariatric surgery in November of 2005, and by September of 2007 had lost 100 pounds but realized that at my age I would never be able to work off the abundant fat and skin which remained on my belly, rear and thighs. I started interviewing plastic surgeons, and had met with several before I was referred to Dr. Katzen by a friend who had attended one of his seminars.

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By that time I was very discouraged - although the surgeons with whom I spoke seemed competent, the prices were higher than I had expected, none of them held out any hope for getting my health insurance to cover any portion of the procedure, and I was disconcerted by the fact that none of them seemed to know anything about possibly donating the skin that was removed to an organ bank - it seemed such a logical thing to me..

As I had time constraints due to my work schedule, the staff were kind enough to squeeze me in on a day when Dr. Katzen had a heavy load, with the understanding that I would have to wait to see him. I am very glad that it worked out that way, as I had an opportunity to listen to patients in all stages of the process discuss what they were going through, and to hear high praise for Dr. Katzen from every single one of them. When I went in and met Doctor Katzen, the first thing that struck me was his warmth, and then the fact that I seemed to have his entire attention. He looked at me as an individual with a unique situation, and came up with plans for various alternatives and ways of staging the work which would be best for me. Rather than discouraging me about getting health insurance participation, he indicated that he and his staff had experience in dealing with the providers and he felt that a portion of the procedure could be covered. When I asked about donating the skin, again, he had a contact in place to handle that. And when it came down to the discussion with his staff regarding costs, I was astonished to discover that he would be able to do a circumferential body lift for approximately the same price that other surgeons had quoted for a far less complete procedure. Dr. Katzen's experience in this area, as far as I could ascertain, was far greater than the others to whom I had spoken.

It was a very easy decision to make, and one for which I will always be grateful. Through every stage of this process Dr. Katzen and his fabulous staff have been available to me for all of my questions and concerns. The surgery itself and my hospital stay were handled with complete professionalism, and the aftercare was everything anyone could hope for. While my recovery took longer than I might have hoped, I will always be grateful to my friend who made me aware of Dr. Katzen - I feel that this experience has been as close to my idealized concept of what would happen as possible. I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Dr. Katzen to any post-bariatric or weight- loss patient who needs the best possible care from someone who will always regard them as an individual, and give their case the special attention and exemplary care that we all need and so seldom get.” ~Molly L.

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~ Molly L.

“I do not have enough kind words to describe my completely positive experience in working with Dr. Katzen. Not only is he an amazingly skilled surgeon, he has the best bedside manner. He always made the time to answer my numerous questions and saw me several times after my procedures.

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I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction in July 2009. Two years later I am still so super happy with the results. Not only is Dr. Katzen the best surgeon and doctor that I've worked with but his staff is also top notch. I always appreciated them responding to me quickly when I reached out to them. And the surgical facility in Huntington Beach was also great. They made me feel super comfortable and treated me very well. I would recommend for anyone having a procedure like a tummy tuck to consider staying overnight in one of the after care facilities they recommend. Your husband or family can assist you post-op but it's helpful to have trained professionals around you to make sure you are doing everything right. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen and plan to return to him if I should ever need any other procedure.” ~ Monique E.

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~ Monique E.

“Dr. Katzen helped me remove the unsightly loose skin and fat after my weight lost. Now I can look in the mirror and feel beautiful.” ~Nafeesah P.

~ Nafeesah P.

“Once upon a time I was extremely over weight. Due to exhaustion, extreme tiredness, sleep apnea and many more dilemmas I decided to make a change with my life. That decision prompted me to pursue meeting Dr. Owens whom made it possible for me to lose weight.

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My new life started May 4, 2004. Soon after my surgery I proceeded to lose my weight gradually and almost instantly noticed the change not only to my body but also my mind. I felt a lot happier, with a huge desire to live for my family and finally for myself. I forgot to mention I weighed 268 pounds and I am presently 152 pounds. Long story short a new chapter in my life was meeting Dr. Katzen, who immediately made me feel fantastic. His kindness, gentleness and confidence bought me to the decision of going ahead with my breast, tummy and arm surgery. Since losing my weight my stomach sagged, breasts looked horrible and my arms hung. I felt too young to look this horrible under my clothing. Well my surgery was preformed on February 10, 2006. WOW!!! What an experience. With all of my pain and suffering I almost felt like superwoman. I was back at work within 7 days. I could not believe it. I healed pretty rapidly and I look pretty decent under my clothing. NO MORE SHAME!!! Thanks to Dr. Katzen. I can truly tell the world that I love Dr. Katzen for changing my life.

Thank you so much Dr. Katzen. You are defiantly my hero.” ~ Nancy C.

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~ Nancy C.

“Dr. Katzen has performed 2 major body surgeries on me Dec. 2010 and June 2011. He is a highly regarded surgeon and very caring. His work is top notch. He is always available to patients, day or night. I can’t imagine anyone going to another surgeon for body contouring. Jane and Stacy are great too.” ~Natalie S.

~ Natalie S.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Katzen for his professionalism.

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I am one of those individuals who went across the border to have a procedure done approximately three (3) years ago. Things went okay until I notice that I had what I thought was to be a dissolvable stitch which did not dissolve and was creating problems for me. I contacted Dr. Katzen’s office and explained my situation and of course I was so embarrassed that I had to admit I crossed the border and now had a problem..

I cannot express enough how comfortable and reassuring Dr. Katzen made me feel. Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Katzen and would have no hesitation to return to him as a patient.” ~Olga M.

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~ Olga M.

“I am extremely happy with Dr. Katzen and the work that he preformed. I am overjoyed with the results. He is not only a brilliant surgeon but also a kind and caring person.” ~Patricia E.

~ Patricia E.

“Like many of Dr. Katzen's patients, I had been overweight my entire life. My Gastric Bypass surgery in May 2005 was a life saver for me. I am in wonderful health after losing 170 pounds but I was still embarrassed about how I looked with the excess skin. In considering the choice of a Plastic Surgeon, I was very impressed with Dr. Katzen's expertise.

Click here to read more

I wanted a surgeon who works with people like me, not someone who is making movie stars! Dr. Katzen and his staff are the best. While my journey is not yet complete, I'm happy with the results of my first surgery. I had a circunferential body lift and liposuction on my thighs. I have a flat stomach for the first time in my life. I am so grateful for Dr. Katzen, Raquel, Diana and Jane. Everyone has been wonderfully caring, compassionate, responsive and helpful.” ~Patty T.

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~ Patty T.

“I had a tummy tuck in October, 2003. I have been so very pleased with the results of my first surgery that I'm scheduled for breast reduction in May, 2004. The tummy tuck was a twenty five year dream come true.

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I've had three children and a hysterectomy so my abdominal skin was loose, to put it gently. I'm an RN in the Emergency Department and a single woman. I'm active to a point and by no means ready for the rocking chair yet but the hangover tummy was embarrassing. And in the summer I suffered with rashes from the belly skin rubbing over itself. I hestitated to have an intimate relationship with a man unless it was in the dark. As an educated person I knew what to do, what questions to ask and where to find the information, but I needed more face to face answers to my questions. Dr. Katzen gave me all the time I needed, answered all my questions, made me laugh. Even taking those pictures was comfortable. He told me exactly what to expect, how the surgery would happen, how I would recuperate, and how I would look - FLAT ABS!. He was right on the line. He is caring, considerate, kind, a real person not just 'THE DOCTOR'. He has a remarkable office staff in Lieu and Valerie. They, too, were caring of what I wanted and needed. I recommend him highly to anyone who is considering plastic surgery. I've been so pleased with my results that I've shown my fellow staffers, some of the other MDs and even an Emergency Department patient or two how I look (read: the scar!) I'm that proud and that grateful.” ~Peggy C.

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~ Peggy C.

“When I first came in to see Dr. Katzen I was depressed and in a lot of pain. I had struggled with back pain and deep cuts into my shoulders from the size of my breasts. My consultation was set but I was very uncertain of going through surgery at such a young age. When I met the doctor for the first time I was deeply relieved to find that he was so kind and understanding.

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He made me feel comfortable and let me know that the pain could be solved. I was nervous of course when I showed up to the hospital but I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat if I had to. I have lost weight and inches since my surgery. I feel my age again. I am more confident about the person that I am. I don't feel that people are staring at my chest when I am talking , now they look at me. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen to anyone who is struggling from back pain due to the size of their breasts or any other surgery that is reconstructive. He is a wonderful doctor and I am glad that he was recommended to me when I needed him the most. Meeting Dr. Katzen changed my life.” ~Rachel B.

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~ Rachel B.

“Dr. Katzen is an amazing doctor, I just love my new body.” ~Rachel G.

~ Rachel G.

“After losing 160 lbs, I couldn't stand my hanging "jelly belly" anymore and was ready for the next phase of my journey. Dr Katzen was very professional yet so personable, too. He made me feel comfortable and showed compassion in my after care treatment. Also, the office staff has been very friendly and kind. I am convinced that Dr Katzen was the perfect choice in my journey to a whole new me.” ~Renee D.

~ Renee D.

“After losing 219 lbs I decided I had no choice but to get reconstructive surgery. I looked at 3 plastic surgeons before I chose Dr Katzen. I went to 2 of his seminars and met many of his patients. He is very knowledgeable and caring. When I had a consult with him he made me feel very comfortable and he is very confident in his work.

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I had a lower body lift and thigh lipo on June 5th and on Aug 28th I had a mons lift and a thigh lift. All my reconstructive surgery turned out excellent, especially my flat stomach. Never in my life have I had a flat stomach. I walk around trying to show family and friends my new stomach. I love my new bellybutton...I have some friends and work acquaintances that want to meet him for consultation after seeing the work he did on me. I healed great and had no complications.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Katzen. I will be having my BL/BA and arm lift next year with Dr Katzen. He is a Miracle Worker...” ~Renee G.

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~ Renee G.

“This letter is written with the highest regards and thanks. Your kindness during my surgery and recovery process was much appreciated. Your professionalism was unsurpassed. You expect your medical providers to be professional but what was unusual was his level of care and concern.

Click here to read more

Once again I thank you from the bottom o my heart. My family would also like to add a thank you for letting them also be a part of the process. God Bless you all. Please continue the good work.” ~Rheinta W.M.

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~ Rheinta W.M.

“I had gastric bypass surgery in October 2007. At this time, I was 240 lbs. I lost 110 lbs. in one year. I kept my weight off consistently through diet, exercise and meditation.

Click here to read more

My favorite doctor Katzen has rebuilt my confidence and led me to a new lifestyle change. Anyone who has a choice of surgeons should do their research. You will find the quality, kindness and expertise in Dr. Katzen. His staff are incredible with customer service and patient care. They go above and beyond, especially, Jane. My post op support and care was exceptional!” ~Roberta F.

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~ Roberta F.

“I had lap band surgery in April of 2009. I maintained a 100 lbs. weight loss for 2 years. I had excessive loose abdominal skin, thigh skin, and a very large mons pubis area. I met with Dr. Katzen and immediately felt at ease. I told him I wanted these areas worked on as they were affecting my self esteem. After describing what he was going to do, I agreed to surgery.

Click here to read more

It took one year back and forth with my insurance company and my appeal. I finally had my surgery May 25, 2011. I am very pleased with the outcome. I am planning on having my arms done soon. My friends are very supportive and are always complimenting my new looks. My outlook on life has changed immensely. I no longer shy away from people and events. I am more outgoing. I have recommended Dr. Katzen to a few other people in my support group. I truly want to thank Dr. Naim, my bariatric surgeon and Dr. Katzen for helping me achieve my new life and reach my goals. The staff is wonderful at both offices. I am looking forward to going to Pennsylvania in September to see my family who are all anxious to see the new me!” ~Roberta M.

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~ Roberta M.

“Dr. Katzen is fabulous!!! He did such a great job on my abdominoplasty that even after 3 yrs my tummy is still as tight as it was in the beginning! He has such a great bedside manner and was always there for me when I had issues after surgery. I would and have recommended many people to Dr. Katzen and will continue to do so!! Someday I hope to go back to him and have other procedures done too!

Click here to read more

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!!” ~Robin R.

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~ Robin R.

“After having LapBand surgery and losing over a hundred pounds I had a lot of excess skin and fat that no amount of exercise was going to get rid of. The doctor who performed my LapBand recommended that I consult Dr. Timothy Katzen about dealing with the excess. That recommendation turned out to be the best recommendation I’ve ever received. Prior to my consultation with Dr. Katzen I had already done some research on the procedures I was interested in, a Tummy Tuck, Cheek and Neck Lift.

At that first appointment, Dr. Katzen spent all the time I needed going over the details, explaining exactly how the procedures would be done and what the recovery would entail. His answers to my questions were very straight-forward and easy to understand. My wife wasn’t able to attend the consultation with me so at the pre-op appointment Dr. Katzen took the time to go over the procedures again and answer all of her questions in addition to explaining what she could do to help me through the recovery process. She immediately felt at ease and confident that I’d found a great Doctor. Although my surgery took a couple of hours longer than anticipated everything went very well. I spent two nights at the Healing Center and to my surprise before I left on Saturday morning Dr. Katzen was there to ensure everything was as it should be before I was released.

Prior to my surgery, I’d scheduled vacation to begin the day after Labor Day. Since I’d had the tummy tuck, I left the Healing Center with two drains to handle any excess fluid. I thought they would be ready to remove before my vacation. Unfortunately the drains weren’t ready to be removed before Labor Day and I was faced with having to travel with them in, although inconvenient, wouldn’t prevent me from traveling. However, Martha, Dr. Kazten’s PA volunteered to come to my home on Labor Day to remove the drains, which she did. What amazing patient care - I don’t know of many Dr.’s PA’s that would do that! To me, it is just typical of the way Dr. Kazten and his entire staff treat his patients.

The whole process, however, was about improving my appearance and my feelings about how I look. The results are just amazing! As I told Dr. Katzen I no longer have to use two hands to shave – one to hold the razor while the other stretches the skin. Although I’d lost the weight I didn’t feel “skinny” until after my surgery. For the first time in my adult life I truly feel great about the way I look. Dr. Katzen made that happen for me.” ~Ron N.

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~ Ron N.

“Dr. Katzen and his helpful staff turned the whole nerve-wracking experience of surgery into a total breeze. Dr. Katzen has a great beside manner and is very kind and courteous. Raquel and the rest of the staff were eager to address any questions or concerns I could come up with. If and when I need any other procedures performed, I will not hesitate to contact Dr. Katzen for an appointment. Thank you for everything!” ~Ron R.

~ Ron R.

“As a post gastric bypass patient, I came to Dr. Katzen for a consultation and as soon as he walked in and talked to me I felt very comfortable and felt that I was in the right place. I had visited several other doctors before coming to him, but I decided to have my breast reduction with Dr. Katzen. It has already been a year since my surgery and I am so happy and pleased with the outcome and have been referring friends to him.” Roupene K.

~ Roupene K.

“Dr. Katzen and his staff are absolutely exceptional in their field. When visiting expect a professional staff and caring doctor who prioritizes the patients’ needs and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Katzen and his staff.” ~Sam K.

~ Sam K.

“Dr. Katzen was amazing and understanding. He made me feel comfortable and the surgery went great. I just hope my scar heals ok. However, he is a great doctor and someone you can trust. I strongly suggest him!” ~Samantha T.

~ Samantha T.

“In the beginning of 2004, on Mothers Day my being over weight finally took its toll and almost my life. I went in the hospital with failing kidneys, congestive heart failure, and minimum oxygen and in need of a blood transfusion. When I left the hospital I made a decision to live. I did what was necessary for me and had the laparoscopic bypass surgery.

I've have lost over 200 pounds and was in need of skin removal in my stomach area. I had already attended Dr. Katzen’s seminar 2 years earlier and when I heard him tell his story I knew immediately that he was who I wanted for my surgery. I was so sure I wanted him that I held on to his portfolio for over 2 years. I was right about him. He was very sincere about his work and had a way about making you feel comfortable yet confident. His bed side manor was great! He was always checking in and letting you call him even at his home, it was very personal for me. The communication between doctor and patient is very important and with Dr. Katzen you get it! I am a successful weight loss patient and proud of it. I am 59 years old and I feel great.” ~Sandra B.

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~ Sandra B.

“After losing 85 lbs having had a gastric bypass in 2001, my weight loss stalled and I felt like a failure and refused to let anyone know that I had this life altering surgery. In 2007 I joined a weight loss program and lost an additional 30 lbs and looking in the mirror with all this excess skin, I felt as if I would never look “normal”.

I read about Dr. Katzen and decided to attend one of his seminars. I told my husband I will research 3 different surgeons and choose the best one. Dr. Katzen was the first and last doctor I researched and I have no regrets with my decision. Although I had a hernia with unexpected complications, this has been a great experience and has dramatically changed my life. I have one more surgery scheduled and I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the office staff - Raquel and Diana – who have always made me feel special and treated me as part of the Katzen family.” ~Christine S.

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~ Christine S.

“Dr. Katzen has done such amazing work. I have doctors tell me they can't even see the scars. I trust and believe that Dr. Katzen is the best surgeon for plastic surgery. I hope everyone has a chance to meet such an amazing doctor.” ~Leah H.

~ Leah H.

“When I look for a medical professional, I look for one who has 1) knowledge about his or her area of expertise, 2) has most excellent patient - doctor communication skills (this also includes listening to the patient), and 3) honesty of his or her limitations as well as "what he/she can do for me". Dr. Katzen possesses all of this and more -- he especially has patience with his patients.

Dr. Katzen, with his experience and patients' feedback, is giving me hope and a passion to obtain an almost "normal-sized" body from an extremely short, Christmas tree shaped one. Goodbye 3X pants and bottoms while wearing a size 12 top.” ~Sandra L.

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~ Sandra L.

“I was over 347lbs, a size 32 at Layne Bryants. I had gastric bypass surgery with a doctor in 1999. By now I was only a size 26. Not good. He was not as experienced as when I had my redo with Dr. Mal Fobi in 2001. With the "Fobi pouch" today I am a size 8/10. With all the hanging skin I needed plastic surgery. I was blessed to meet Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. I thought down sizing was cleaning the garage one more time. Not! Down sizing is going from a 32 with massive amounts of extra fat on the body to hide ME, to size 8/10. Dr Katzen has slimed down my arms, midriff and legs, thus, I seem to have lost an additional 27 lbs.

Today I feel like the thin person I was meant to be and I feel happy and pretty. My thanks to my sculptor and now personal friend Dr. Katzen.” ~Sher

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~ Sher

“I did it! I lost 150lbs through diet and exercise. The only problem was I looked worse at 160 lbs than I did at 303lbs. I had so much excess skin between my legs and at the apron of my belly.

I interviewed with several plastic surgeons but it wasn't until meeting Dr. Katzen that I felt secure enough to schedule such a major and elective surgery. I found Dr. Katzen to be the total package. He offered me both experience with full body lifts and a warm and caring bedside manner. I met with two of his former patients and was confident that he had the skills to remove the excess skin from my body and re-shape me into something I could be proud of.

It's been three years since my surgery. In the beginning I gained a few pounds as my body found its natural set point and remained there. I was nervous to see Dr. Katzen again because I've had experiences with doctors being less than kind about weight gain. But Dr.Katzen was comforting and assured me that my weight gain was not only minor but normal. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon that will offer you a high skill level, a warm heart and beautiful new body....Dr. Katzen is your man!” ~Sharon D.

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~ Sharon D.

“After losing 100 pounds because of radiation of my neck and not being able to eat, I was left with lots of excess abdominal skin and fat. I was 60 years old and was more then 150 pounds overweight for most of my life.

I called a general surgeon who had done surgery for me to get a plastic surgeon recommendation. I went to see him and was disappointed. A few weeks later I saw a medical T.V. show about a woman who lost 400 pounds that’s how I found out about Dr. Katzen and that he was nearby! I looked up his website and went to an informative meeting; I made an appointment and went to see him.

What a difference from the other guy!!! He was caring and so confident and methodical; I could tell he really knew what he was doing.

Dr. Katzen’s staff is very friendly and caring and did an excellent job on obtaining insurance coverage and scheduling the procedures.

The past year has been like a rebirth for me, including many first: Wearing belts, tucking in my shirts, having space between my stomach and the steering wheel (12inches). If you have any doubts, I say “GO FOR IT!!” Dr. Katzen and his awesome staff will be with you all the way.” ~Sharon M.

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~ Sharon M.

“I was anxious and self conscious about my tummy tuck consultation. However, the staff at Dr. Katzen's office made me feel entirely at ease. Dr. Katzen spent time explaining the procedure and addressing each of my concerns.

His sincerity and attention to my issues inspired confidence in my decision, as well as his abilities. This level of individual attention remained consistent from the surgery center staff through the follow up visits. I am extremely pleased with my dramatic results, and I continue to be impressed with the accommodating, personalized service provided by Dr. Katzen and his staff.” ~Stefanie S.

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~ Stefanie S.

“Dr. Katzen is not only the absolute best at what he does, he is also an extremely caring, gentle and personable physician who always makes me feel as if my health and well being, as well as my expectations, are the most important thing to him.

Beverly Hills is about a 2 ½ hour drive from San Diego but it was well worth it. I am so thrilled with my results and Dr. Katzen says I haven’t even finished yet because I still have some swelling that will go away. From the first moment I met Dr. Katzen I have been treated with respect, consideration, and a level of care I hadn’t experienced since my original weight loss surgery. This has been a wonderful experience!” ~Tracey W.

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~ Tracey W.

“Dr. Katzen is an amazing surgeon. I love that he has a great sense of humor, knows his stuff, but is not cocky. I almost fear he is too kind. :) His office staff has had some serious turnover issues, so if you hit a roadblock or two in the past couple of months, don't give up. The girls that are there now are fantastic and have ironed out kinks to the point that the office is once again a well-oiled machine!” ~ Trier S.

~ Trier S.

“Dr. Katzen and staff are always helpful in answering any questions and concerns. Jane always has a positive attitude which makes all the difference.” ~Tryphena W.

~ Tryphena W.

“I am currently 47 years old and I had gastric bypass surgery in Jan. '05. I have been overweight since I was 2 years old and have never in my life known a flat stomach or smaller extremities. I would have described myself as barrel shaped or very round. Additionally, I'm short, 5'2" so even 10 extra pounds looks big! Once the 'losing' phase of the bypass tool was over, I was working hard to stay in the 'maintenance' phase..

When I had lost the bulk of what I was going to lose, I was left with skin hanging in my abdominal area along with fat that just wouldn't go away. I have always had enormous arms and now they were thinner arms with an enormous amount of skin sagging from them. My inner thighs, especially, were sagging and wrinkly. Even my once full face and chin had skin sagging from underneath it now. I work out 3-4 times a week and unfortunately, it doesn't do anything for the sags!! I started thinking about the option of plastic surgery to help a little with some of these issues that embarrassed me daily. Well, once I started looking into what was available and taking a hard look at what I had, I realized I would be either jumping all the way in or making the decision to do nothing at all.

This is when I started educating myself about plastic surgery and the right doctor for the job. I interviewed several doctors and asked for referrals and recommendations from many people including those who post to the website ObesityHelp.com. The doctor that stood out in every area I was looking for was Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. He possesses qualities unique to his industry. Besides being a highly skilled technician, he has a fine understanding and in depth knowledge of the issues that go along with a lifetime of obesity followed by rapid, dramatic weight loss. He's sensitive to what it took to get there and understands the desire to improve the appearance. He is very realistic about the achievable results and will answer any question you may ever have. I never felt rushed or hurried and in fact, it often feels like you are the only patient he has when he's with you.

Dr. Katzen performed my lower body lift in Oct. '07. Words can not describe the deeply emotional response to seeing my stomach for the first time after surgery when Dr. Katzen removed the bandage and garment to check it the next day. Although I was lying down, I had a clear view, all the way down. If you've had obesity and extra skin issues, you know what I mean. I was in disbelief that he was able to make me look like a 'normal' person with actual curves!! I actually had a waist and my sides actually curved in. Unbelievable. My first full view in the mirror made me break down again and I thanked God for giving Dr. Katzen the skills to make a person feel acceptable.

Dr. Katzen's after care is one of the most comprehensive, caring approaches I have ever seen. Obviously there is some pain involved while healing and questions, etc. and Dr. Katzen is highly sensitive to that. He has a wonderful way of making you feel like every question is relevant even though he's probably heard the same thing a thousand times from his patients. He really cares. The icing on the cake is Dr. Katzen's staff - Jane, Raquel and Diana. When you arrive in the office you are greeted warmly and asked how you're doing. Just those words mean so much. They handle their business very professionally but are never too busy to share a laugh. They make you feel comfortable and cared for while waiting to see Dr. Katzen. A doctor's staff can be a reason for coming back or not and they are truly wonderful people. Thank you Jane, Diana and Raquel for making it such a pleasure to come to Dr. Katzen's office.

As I am preparing for the next phase of my plastic surgery journey, I would not even consider going to anyone else. I am actually looking forward to seeing what miracles Dr. Katzen performs this time! I thank you, Dr. Katzen, from the bottom of my heart. You may never truly know the impact you've had on someone's self-esteem and body image, but for me, your impact has been life changing. Bless you.” ~Valerie D.

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~ Valerie D.

“Since puberty I’ve been insecure about my small misshapen breasts. I used to pray it was a phase and hoped that one day I would have the beautiful round breasts of the girls in my class. I graduated high school and my breasts never changed. Shopping for clothes was a nightmare and finding a bra that fit correctly was an even scarier task. For years I dealt with not getting that cute outfit or matching bra and panty set I really wanted. At age 28 I had enough with the disappointments and envying and I finally did something about it.

I was referred to Dr. Katzen by a family friend who is a gastric bypass patient and had a body makeover done by Katzen. She not only looked AMAZING but she gushed over Katzen, she couldn’t say enough nice things about him, so I had to meet him.

It was my first consultation and I was a nervous sweaty mess not only because I have to disrobe in front of a total stranger but I was also lost and 15 minutes late. I finally arrive and I’m greeted by Dr. Katzen and his staff, not only did I get a warm welcome but they were concerned. I’ve never experienced that before! Whenever I’m late anywhere I usually get attitude from the receptionist stating I should have been there 15 minutes ago. So I fill out the necessary paper work, waited a couple minutes and I was off to the consultation room. Oh boy here we go! The butterflies kicked in. I’m told to remove my blouse and bra and given a nice robe to cover myself with. I wait just a couple of minutes and Dr. Katzen comes in, he shakes my hand and looks me in the eye when he says it’s a pleasure to meet you. He explains that he will examine my breasts and discuss my breast augmentation choices. The examination begins and butterflies are a whirl! I open the robe and Dr. Katzen looks over my upper body carefully, and continues to make eye contact when he speaks with me. He explains to me that I have Tubular Breast Deformity and goes into great detail about the disorder and emphasizes that many women suffer from the disorder and my case is not severe. Mental light bulb is on and butterflies are gone. I have always known something was wrong with my breasts and Dr. Katzen had just given me the answer to a long burning question “what’s wrong with me”? I felt great and excited to achieve the breasts I’ve always wished for. I was brought out of my euphoric state when the price hit me like a ton bricks.

Even though Dr. Katzen was wonderful I thought I could get a cheaper price and still a great doctor. Boy was I wrong I had consultations with Plastic Surgeons from Temecula to Beverly Hills and no one compared to Dr. Katzen’s staff, expertise, bedside manner, price and sincerity. I booked my surgery date with Dr. Katzen immediately and I knew I made the right choice.

Fast forward to the day of my surgery. I was calm, collected and totally confident when I walked into the medical center. My mom was not so collected, I guess she was nervous for me but I knew I had nothing to worry about. During surgery prep I was impressed with the staff and all the personal attention. I had no questions for everything was explained to me and Dr. Katzen again exceeded my expectations. The surgery went smoothly and I had very little pain or discomfort in recovery and even though I said I was fine Dr. Katzen would come in every so often to check up on me. Today I am 5 weeks post op and extremely pleased with my results, I couldn’t be happier and when I go in for my post op appointments I’m greeted by first name and still get the big warm welcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Katzen for any type of surgery!” ~Vanessa Islas

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~ Vanessa Islas

“I met with a dear friend the other day. He had gone through the bypass surgery and has lost a lot of weight. He is ready to have the extra skin removed but is scared about the surgery. Two years after my bypass surgery I wanted to get rid of the extra skin left hanging all over my body. I was ashamed and embarrassed with my body.

I had reached my goal weight and I interviewed several plastic surgeons. Bariatric patients are a special branch of plastic surgery and not all plastic surgeons have dealt with our special needs. My husband and I came to the same conclusion. Dr. Katzen impressed us both with his quite professional voice and manner.

Doctor talked with me, not “down” to me. He treated my husband and I like “family” and truly listened to all my questions. We never felt rushed. He explained the whole process. He was honest and made me feel safe.

I told my friend Dr. Katzen would be his best surgical choice. This is a big decision. I had gone to the internet, talked to people who already had plastic surgery. I wrote down some questions and concerns I wanted answered. Dr. Katzen took the time to answer all my questions.

Dr. Katzen is dedicated to people who have had bypass surgery. Even though he has dealt with thousands of bypass patients he is caring, patient, intelligent and professional with each and every one of us. He was available when I called him with post op questions. I can’t say enough about him. He is kind, sensitive, good, genuine and has a beautiful bedside manner. He cares beyond any normal doctor. His integrity rates the highest on any scale. He is one of the most ethical people I have ever met. He made me feel as if I was his only priority.

I had a lower body lift that took off 14 pounds of excess skin. I never thought I would have a flat tummy again. I love it. I also had my upper arms done. I can now wear tank tops and feel normal. When we went to Hawaii I did not need to ask the steward for a seat belt extension. I wore a bathing suit for the first time in thirty years. To say Dr. Katzen is an excellent surgeon is not strong enough of a statement.

Plastic surgery has changed my life. I highly recommend that you call him and you too will pick the right surgeon. I could not be more pleased with my results and the way I was treated by Dr. Katzen and his staff.” ~ Vickie C.

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~ Vickie C.

“On Dec 4th 2007 I underwent a body lift. I had lost 120 lbs through Gastric Bypass surgery and was looking forward to ridding myself of the excess skin that had kept me from fitting comfortably in my latest size. It seemed as if anything that fit me in the waist just hung off my hips and thighs. Doctor Katzen was able to remove 13 lbs of skin from my abdominal, side and back areas.

The surgery was not easy, it was much harder for me than the actual gastric bypass. I was out of work for eight weeks due to my slow healing process. It seems I was having difficulty healing because of my lack of protein intake. Doctor Katzen recommended a protein drink he sells on his web site and my healing finally took off. I still have not healed completely and will be going in for what they term, I believe, as a resection. Although my surgery healing process has been slow it is amazing the change my body has gone through with the procedure. I am now fitting in junior sizes, my stomach is much, much flatter and the pants actually fit my hips and thighs instead of just my waist.” ~Vicki Z.

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~ Vicki Z.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Katzen since 2005. I am also a working nurse who Dr. Katzen and I have done many surgeries together in the operating room. I have not only enjoy his professionalism, techniques and ability to keep down infection, he’s strive for sterility but how his bedside manner was with his patients for that reason I chose him to be my doctor. Having that inside look where other patient can’t gave me the up hand to make a very educated decision in what doctor I placed my own care in. Not only have I been exceptionally pleased with my care and results, but overall satisfaction with his staff, hand picked nurses and even the honest and sincere staff in his office.

I have recommended Dr. Katzen to friends, family and even patients that I know will be returning for plastic needs. It is a great sign when doctors asked me who I would recommend to them and I smile and introduce them to Dr. Katzen.” ~Zoe S.

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~ Zoe S.

“When I first decided to have plastic surgery, I interviewed 40 surgeons. Dr. Katzen stood out beyond everyone else. He was professional, artistic, kind and supportive. I knew I was in the right hands.

My surgery recovery had challenges but at no time did I feel alone. I knew I had the right person fighting my battle with me.

Dr. Katzen is an amazing person and surgeon. I was blessed to find him.” ~Nancy B.

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~ Nancy B.

“In July 2010 I had gastric bypass. It took me 15 months to lose 130 lbs. The way my body looked after the weight loss didn’t make me very happy. I had a lot of loose skin and decided that after all I had already gone through, I wanted a body I was happy with.

I found Dr. Katzen in January of 2012. He was the sixth surgeon I had met with and I knew instantly he was the one. I made my appointment for my first surgery the next month. I’m from Colorado and so I decided to have the 360 bodylift and the medial thigh lift at the same time to minimize the number of trips I would have to make to California. I am now 14 weeks out from my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who isn’t happy with their excess skin and how they look. Dr. Katzen, thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You are the best!” ~Kelli P.

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~ Kelli P.

“Wow, what a great experience! My choice in choosing Dr Katzen was a wonderful one! In one word "Trust"! For in trusting myself to make the life changing choice to do my surgery, it gave me the courage to trust in the best surgeon I have ever had.

Dr. Katzen and team has physically transformed my body into the woman I have always wanted to be! Taking this step in my life has further encouraged me to be the best I have ever been! Thank You Dr. Katzen and team you have helped me rock my world into the greatest me I have ever been!!!” ~Lyndsay L.

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~ Lyndsay L.

“I first became aware of Dr. Katzen right after I had my RNY gastric bypass surgery through ObesityHelp.com. Once I hit my goal weight I realized that I had a serious issue regarding excess skin. I decided to attend one of his seminars. I was nervous and was extremely apprehensive at first. But once I met him I knew that he was going to do my procedure.

Dr. Katzen is one of the most unselfish, caring, patient and skilled doctor's that I have ever met. His devotion to our community is unprecedented. I cannot recommend him enough. I personally do not have the vocabulary to express my utter thanks to this man.” ~ Chris D.

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~ Chris D.

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