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If you have undergone massive weight loss and are now left with loose, excess skin and/or stubborn pockets of fat, you may be in need of body contouring surgery to regain a more toned appearance. Dr. Katzen performs the 360 body lift procedure to remove skin and fat from the midsection.

The incision is made along the lower abdomen, over the hips, then meeting in the back. Dr. Katzen is also able to tighten the rectus muscle also known as the six pack muscles in the midsection of the abdomen. The outer leg and buttock area also gets tighten with the 360 body lift.

If you would like further information regarding the 360 body lift procedure, please feel free to contact Dr. Katzen’s practice. This procedure is often covered by medical insurance.

What can you do to prepare for your 360 body lift?

1. Before your body lift, first and foremost, your weight must be stable for three months. If your weight fluctuates up and down two to three pounds, that’s ok. However, larger fluctuations are not good and should be investigated. Maybe you need to watch what you are eating more or maybe you need to exercise more. It may not be your eating or exercise habits at all; your stomach pouch may need to be examined by your bariatric surgeon.

2. To prepare for your 360 body lift, Dr. Katzen suggests that you continue to exercise and eat right. Your body will need these energy stores to heal. You should build up as much muscle mass as you can. After a 360 body lift, there are incredible metabolic demands that your body requires for healing. However, you will not feel like eating. Thus, your body will seek energy sources other than food. For energy, your body will rely on burning muscle.

3. Get plenty of rest. In order to heal, your body needs rest. For some, this means four hours, for others optimal sleep is ten hours. Most patients feel rested having slept eight hours. Sleep is also very important for muscle growth. Whatever your sleep number is, please get good rest the week before your 360 body lift surgery. Do not go into your 360 body lift surgery having just pulled an “all nighter” cleaning the house!

4. Get your prescriptions filled ahead of time. After your 360 body lift, the last thing you want to do is to stand in line at the pharmacy waiting for your pain medications.

5. Prepare Food. Order extra protein shakes and protein powders. Get bendy straws so it is easier to drink those essential protein drinks. Prepare foods that have high protein value and are easy to prepare. Before your 360 body lift, you want to prepare foods that you can store in the freezer. After your 360 body lift, you will probably just want to throw these prepared foods in the microwave and have a good meal in several minutes. After your 360 body lift, the nutritional goal set by the Registered Dietitician Association is 75 to 100 grams of protein a day. Your body will need these grams of protein to heal after a 360 body lift.

6. Prepare your house. Create a recovery headquarters. Get several comfy pillows. Typically, Dr. Katzen has his patients place three pillows behind their back and 2 pillows under their knees. Order DVDs to watch or new books to read. Place new batteries in your TV and DVD remote controllers. Have your cell phone handy and keep your cell phone charger bedside.

7. To further minimize the chances of blood clots, Dr Katzen has his patients order a leg squeezer. This minimizes the chance of blood clots. Please ask Dr. Katzen where to get these. Dr. Katzen suggests you wear this while in bed or recliner for up to four weeks after your 360 body lift.

8. Arrange for pets and children. If you have a dog, Dr. Katzen suggests you have someone else take care and walk the dog for two weeks. If you have children who need to be picked up, Dr. Katzen suggests that you have someone else take care of them for two weeks. Dr. Katzen does not suggest lifting anything for about two weeks.

9. Dr. Katzen suggests you recover in a recliner. This is the best position because your back is bent as well as your abdomen. You should get some towels to place under you to absorb any fluids that may drip. You should also get some sheepskin padding to insulate the recliner and minimize the chances of developing a pressure sore.

10. Dr. Katzen suggests you buy a used walker. This will help steady you while you are walking. A walker is better than a wheelchair because with a wheelchair your back is bent 90 degrees and puts too much tension on the back incision. A walker does not place undue tension on the back.

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